How To Get Incentives Working Effectively Within Your Team.

Are They Really Worth It?

Learning how to get incentives working effectively within your team is one of those strategies you want to take on board, because seriously……they will help you build big time growth and volume in your business.

Sometimes the problem with incentives is that the person (you) running the incentive, has one incentive that is announced across the board for all of their team. This may be an easier route to take, but in reality, we can’t expect the dedicated leader and the beginner in the team to be excited about the same exact incentives, here’s why!

If your incentive is one that is based on promoting large enrolments through the organisation or has a lot of money that is the “giveaway” for the person who wins the incentive, usually this type of incentive will only drive excitement and motivation for the “big players” the more advanced leaders in the team. The small players or the people who only do the business very part-time all of a sudden have the mentality of “whats the point” or “why bother” running for this incentive when those top leaders are the ones who always win anyway.

This is where doing different prizes and incentives (1st, 2nd, 3rd prize) can work really well. You can then cater your prizes to suit different dynamics of your team and will all of a sudden see that a lot more team members want to participate in the incentive.

Today’s video explains more:


Have a look at an incentive you could create that you know the majority of your team will run for, purely because it seems fun and achievable.

An incentive where you are asking all who’s involved to recruit just 2 customers over a 2 week period for example, is an incentive that most of your people will push WAY harder to recruit for, than they ever would to go for any other high volume incentive. This will be your most productive way to keep the team excited and in the game!

So what prizes can you give to your team for a small incentive? Look at prizes that will help further your teams progress and be exciting or fun to the team members involved.

Some free prizes or giveaway that can be awesome for this may be something like:

  • A new product that’s been launched by the company that you have access to.  
  • A special one on one training for the team member, who then gets to choose the topic to be trained on and can do a Q & A with your or their fav mentor among the team.

For top recruiters it could be:

  • A form of cash bonus 
  • Meet and rub shoulders with top earners of the company at a big event.

If you time some of your incentives around a big event, for the top enroller’s, it could be that they get an all expenses paid dinner with you and another top leader of their choice the night of the event. 

This creates memories, is great for branding purposes, lots of photos involved and dinner paid for. Who wouldn’t want to run for that right!!

Not only is this type of incentive great for the team member who has won the incentive, but its great for you to know you have a sure thing that team members will be joining you and are committed to attending the events with you. We all know events are crucial for the growth of our business.

Other great incentives can be around holiday seasons or Christmas time. Usually your company will have its own product sales and incentives running throughout holiday seasons with many discounts and prizes to be won. So take advantage of that and even look at purchasing the sales products yourself to use for your own incentives over those holiday times.

I’d love to know what incentives you and your team run throughout the year. Why not drop some ideas in the comments below, I”d appreciate that.

Keep creating Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend.

Janelle Emma xx

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