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There’s no doubt I have more energy now due to sleeping much deeper and longer and now it takes me minutes to fall asleep, not tossing and turning for lengths of time before dozing off. That was huge for me being a stay home mum with two young kids at my feet all day!!!!.

I then started noticing other small changes that I didn’t even think were a problem.

I started exercising again and realised that I didn’t get anywhere near as sore after intensive exercise and that the soreness I did have, would last only a couple of days and not a whole week!!!! Wow, I was so blown away by this.
I was informed that this was due to the increase in Glutathione.

I then, over time, found that I had less hair falling out of my head, my hair was shinier and felt healthier and my hairdresser was the one that noticed this first!

I use to suffer lower back pain from sitting for long periods of time, driving coal mining trucks, and now, that lower back pain was pretty much non-existent.

I also noticed that the scar down my chest from open-heart surgery was less pink (seriously, I thought I was talking myself into these things until I looked at some photos as a comparison of my scar).

I even then noticed that I wasn’t getting sick with colds or flu’s as much and if I did get an inkling of something, it would literally last a couple of days and that was it!!!!

OK……so was I really seeing all of this? Was I dreaming it!!!
Well, I’m here to tell you it’s all definitely legit!!!!

I was astounded with how this natural product I had been using for just three weeks, that activates my body,  had completely improved my energy levels, sleep and so much more.

I have since now discovered that my lethargic body and lack of energy had been due to adrenal fatigue which I was unaware that I had until a later date.

You can hear more about my story here on a “health series” Interview:


It wasn’t until I relocated interstate with my partner and our kids that I came across a Facebook post that changed my life!!!!!

From that Facebook post, I was invited to an information session to learn about “Oxidative Stress” and how it is a contributing factor in over 200 diseases and conditions!!!

“Can this be real” that’s what I asked myself!!!

At this information session, they listed things like Alzheimer’s, MS, Depression, Autism, Arthritis, Cancer, Motor Neurone disease and how it has a huge link to “Oxidative Stress” and the list went on!!

I immediately became interested in what they were saying as my father in law had died of Motor Neurone Disease/ALS with no real reason as to why he got it in the first place. Doctors knew he didn’t have the gene for Motor Neurone, but still had no answers for us as to what or why it happened. As soon as I saw Motor Neurone on this list they showed me at the meeting, I immediately went home and studied the heck out of “Oxidative Stress”, wow!!!

I was so blown away with what this was and how it affected every single living person or Mammal and the damage it could cause if your levels of Oxidative Stress were high or you were over the age of 20.

I also received a heap of other information from this meeting about a completely natural product that greatly reduces oxidative stress, improves your quality of life, and is all-natural. The scientific evidence behind what they were saying and behind the product was just mind-blowing, so of course, I had to try it!!!

At the time, I was a mum of two young girls who were still home with me daily.
That was 5 years ago now!!
After having my first daughter I found that my energy levels were never the same as before. I assumed that all young mums just felt that way and that’s just part of mum life. I even talked myself into thinking that the years I’d spent sitting in a coal mining truck and office jobs were now just starting to really take their toll on my body, and that may very well have played a part.

After having my second daughter, life got busy and back on track, getting back into the normal everyday routine, but I found myself always struggling to wake up properly each morning, almost like I hadn’t really had much sleep the night before (yet I was never actually waking in the night). I would then feel very lethargic mid arvo around 3pm, I struggled to stay awake while my girls played around me. Once again, I seriously thought this was just part of mum life and that over time I would get back to better energy levels and more motivation.

Obviously all of the health problems I was finding were somewhat linked to this oxidative stress, and now taking this natural product as a tool to help my body do more of what it’s supposed to do in healing itself, I was seeing some amazing benefits which I still see to this day.

The past 5 years of being on this product have been crazy awesome and I am very grateful for coming across this information for not only myself but my family as well.

This will be something that my family and I take daily, long-term and we will 100% know that we are always combating our cellular stress, keeping our health and wellness at an optimal level.

Now please note – I am not saying that this product will treat, prevent or cure anything, all I am saying is that by reducing my oxidative stress, I am seeing benefits in myself that I hadn’t felt since I was much younger.

I’m very passionate about learning how the body can work at a much more optimal level when given the correct nutrients and tools and this is why I have also invested my time into many nutrition and health courses, including a “Metabolic Reset Course” and a “Functional Nutrition” Course.
Also showing other people what I am learning, is becoming a real passion of mine and I have a true desire to educate others about the risk of having increased oxidative stress (free radical damage) in the body. I truly hope that you will do some research yourself to understand why it’s so important to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

I urge you to head over to and type the words “Oxidative Stress” in the search bar, see what you come up with! 

If you would like more information on any of this or the product that I mention in my story, please reach out to me at for more information.




How Oxidative Stress Effects YOU!!

I thank you for taking the time to read my personal story and hope that I have opened your eyes up to what could possibly be causing you havoc on your body as well. 

Click the links I have placed throughout my story to better understand what Oxidative Stress and Glutathione are.

Nurture Your Mind, Body & Soul

Janelle Emma xx

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