Meet Janelle

Taking care of ourselves doesn’t mean “me first” it means “me to”…….. ~L.R.Knosts

My Life In A Nutshell!

Hello, I am Janelle, aka  “The Bliss Mumma”  and my driver in life is to keep creating a life of bliss (personal fulfillment) and also help others unlock their bliss as well!

My bliss involves family, friends, food, fitness, fun, fashion, freedom, and fulfillment!  These are all the things that light me up and what I class as my highest values in life…..have you thought about yours?

I’m a massive foodie, gosh I love food! haha. I love moving my body, activating my body & nourishing myself and my family in these ways and this is why I’ve now also started studying Functional Nutrition, as my love of food, proactive health and fitness goes deep enough that I want to do it right and educate myself on these topics in the best possible way.  Plus, Functional Nutrition goes hand in hand with what I do on a business level in my health & Wellness business as well. 

My Passion: Creating A Truly Fulfilled Blissful Life & Showing Others How To Do The Same.

Tony Robbins speaks about the “art of fulfillment” And how if we aren’t truly fulfilled, We will never be able to be truly happy from within and with our achievements for ourselves and our families… It makes sense right!!

True personal fulfillment has to come from within and is about you being happy in your life regardless of what else is going on in the world! Nurturing this is the key.

The definition of the word “Bliss” means:
“To reach a state of complete happiness, oblivious of everything else”

It’s hard for mums to think of themselves first, to have the mindset that “If I look after me FIRST, then that will have a positive ripple effect through the rest of the family” But, it’s true, this truly is what happens if we put us first.

It goes along with that saying “you can’t drink from an empty cup”

But usually as a MUM, we want to do everything in our power to do what our family and kids need and to look after them unconditionally first and foremost.

I get it, I’m a MUM of two gorgeous girls who are my world and they are the number one reason I do what I do and will always strive to be a better me, for them.

But this is why “Nurtured Bliss” has been created.
I want to show you that having your own identity, putting yourself first, and having passion in your life for YOU is not a selfish act, it’s the means to an end of a truly fulfilled blissful life!

It wasn’t that long ago that someone asked me what my hobbies and interests were and I couldn’t even answer that question. I was lost, I was in “MUM world” but always had that burning desire……that gut feeling that I was meant to be doing something greater for my family and our future, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Over the last 5 years I have developed the drive to not only strive to always be-a-better-me and grow personally but to teach what I now know/feel is the key to long term happiness and fulfillment to others!!

It truly is magical and empowering to do everything in life with heart and integrity and with a truckload of fun involved along the way and that’s why “Nurtured Bliss” is my home, my heart & soul and my place for you to come and truly find YOU, for yourself and your family, just like I have.

Life doesn’t get better unless you do right! 

I will never stop doing life on my terms for myself and my family’s needs and will support and guide you to do the same if that’s what you are looking for?

I am dedicated to helping you grow, supporting your journey, and guiding you to live your truly blissful life!

If this resonates with you and you want to learn more about how we can be connected more or even work together, connect with me privately on my “contact me” tab so we can connect on a more personal level and help each other unlock and create our bliss, as a collective. 

I have a gift for you! If you’d like to download my FREE PDF, to help you get started in your journey to “ditch the stress” and live more in your bliss, you can download my workbook HERE. I’d love to hear what you think of it!

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