In this video, I wanted to pay myself out on the constant daily snacking I’ve been doing in these Covid-19 Isolation times. I explain to you some of the health concerns that constant snacking will cause and also give a few ideas of how we can choose to find other things to do in our day instead of reaching for food out of pure boredom.

There are many health concerns and lifestyle issues that snacking and eating can do to our health long term, but today’s video was based on how our snacking affects “Insulin” (our fat-storing hormone), as I had been learning about this through a 13week fat adaption course. Here is a quick overview of what insulin does in the body.

Constant daily snacking can play major havoc on our health, especially in the long term. Each time we snack or eat we spike our “Insulin” which is our fat-storage hormone. Our body wants our blood sugar to stay the same constantly, which is called homeostasis, but as we eat and spike insulin, we throw out this balance so the body will use the insulin and what it can to help the body get back into homeostasis.

When insulin goes up, this stimulates your body to take all of the calories in your bloodstream and convert them into the liver and store them as fat! yikes!!

If you are someone who is “Insulin sensitive” usually, you can eat foods that raise blood sugar quite high, then your blood sugar comes back down very quickly. Most insulin-sensitive people are never exposed to very much insulin for too long at all. But that doesn’t mean that their constant spiking of insulin, won’t lead to major health issues later on.

If you are someone who is “Insulin-Resistant”, like 2/3rds of the population, you are more prone to weight gain, finding it hard to lose weight and every time you eat a food that raises blood sugar, your body secretes more insulin than it should and then this process gets worse over time and higher quantities occur long term. An insulin-resistant person can have very high amounts of insulin that never drop and this does major damage to our health leading to many well-known health issues. 

Constant snacking can also cause bad long term habits, teach our kids bad habits as well, and negatively teaches us to reach for food in times of boredom instead of being creative and coming up with something stimulating to do. 

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