Change these 5 things for social media success!

Remember when you are online and specifically on social media, you don’t want to be someone who is trying to purely sell your product or opportunity!!

“Social media is all about connecting, providing value to your target audience and creating curiosity around what it is you do in your life and your profession”.

No one wants to be sold on social media, we go there to connect with like-minded people and to have fun!

In today’s video, I go through five changes you can make immediately on your social media platforms to obtain more engagement, attract more people and help you to become someone of influence that others want to follow.

Some of these 5 listed below may seem obvious to some people, but definitely aren’t obvious to others. Time and time again I am seeing people doing social media the wrong way, so I wanted to revisit these important aspects of how to do it correctly.


1: Remove your bad profile picture!

Your company logo, a sunset, your dog, a quote or even a picture of your child is most definitely NOT the type of photo you want to have as a profile picture if you are trying to attract people and have them engage with you. Instead, have a nice head shot of yourself that you are smiling or happy in. No one is going to even want to friend request you or engage with you if your profile picture isn’t showing them who you really are.

2: Ditch your company name and logo from everywhere!

You want to be branding you, not looking like you are a company billboard. Take all of the companies name, logo and product names off your profile and definitely don’t use the company name as your “place of work”. By doing that you simply make it too easy for people to go and google your company, risk having them join someone else in the company, or risk them never actually reaching out to you at all due to you giving away too much information straight away.

Instead, have something curiosity driven and fun that people will be more inclined to engage with or be interested in asking you what its all about.

3: Remove the boring “About Me” description!

The “about me” section is one of the first places people are going to go to find out a little bit about you before engaging so make them intrigued, make your “about me” section fun. Don’t make it sales-y or pitch-y.

Remember your typically selling the lifestyle you live, not the company you are with. No one cares if your company is “ground floor” or you’re the “fastest growing company” etc until they get to know and trust you first.

Be a real person and sell them on the lifestyle.

4: Immediately remove negativity and sarcasm:

You may be someone who already is the opposite of this and that’s great. but if people are going to join you, they want to join leaders that lift them up and inspire them. If you are negative on your profile or show a lot of sarcasm, who do you think is going to buy from you or want to join you…..No One!

Remember, you are selling yourself, not your company, so make sure people can see positive posts from you and see things that make them feel inspired and excited.

5: Delete all of your sales-y posts and pictures from your profile!

Never talk about specific products or show pictures of the product names. A sales type post that says “buy now” not only gives people a negative feeling about your post, but Facebook also dislikes this and will put your post far down in people’s feeds.

No one is on social media to be sold, create curiosity instead and share stories. Share the benefit of what a product has given you or someone else, share before & after pictures, testimonials, success stories etc

Even create yourself a “photo album” on your profile that has an enticing specific name so that when people visit your profile and look at your photo albums, they can see an album that is specific to your business, the benefits of your products and testimonials that you have shared over time.

I’d love some feedback about what it is you find works really well on social media for you. Why not drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Create Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend.
Janelle Emma xx

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