Why It Is Important To “Create Online Content” To Build Your Business!

You may be wondering why as network marketers or home business owners do we need to create online content for our business? Why can’t we just prospect and recruit?

Even though prospecting and recruiting are critical for our success and long-term income, look at it like this; 

Would you go to a doctor for advice if they didn’t have a lot of knowledge and credibility in their profession?

Would you go to a personal trainer if they had little to zero knowledge and expertise on fitness and how the body works overall?

The answer is probably NO and the same thing applies to the network marketing profession wouldn’t you think.

People aren’t going to see you as someone with credibility or of influence if you aren’t personally experienced in the network marketing profession. The best way to create that credibility for yourself is become more knowledgeable within the profession. Learn something new every day, read books, attend events, buy courses and then use what it is you learn and teach that to your target audience.

The more knowledge we soak up ourselves as network marketers, the more experienced we become and the more credibility that will create us within this industry.

Once you learn the VALUE of content creation, you will quickly realise that your bank account will be a direct reflection of the amount of value you provide to your target market and industry.

Look at “Eric Worre” or “Ray Higdon”…. they provide amazing DAILY value to our profession and in turn, from doing that, they are very successful, highly paid individuals in the profession that we all look to for guidance and help. 

So if you’re creating online content, it will do a number of things for you:

1: It positions you as the credible expert

By doing this, you will have a much easier time influencing people and having them learn to know and trust you through the valuable content you provide.


2: It will educate and entertain them

People are online for a reason and that is either to be educated on something or entertained in some way. A perfect example of this is how people will go to google or YouTube purely to learn “HOW TO” do a particular task they are wanting to undertake, or watch an informative video that a friend was telling them about.

This is why I feel that if we provide content within the online platforms (YouTube, blog posts, Facebook LIVE videos etc) we can reach far more people than if we are only building our business in the offline world.


3: Allow your business to operate in “auto pilot”

The internet doesn’t sleep so even when you are not physically there online, you can still be positioning yourself as someone who’s credible and providing content that your market place enjoys and learns from, even if they are on the other side of the world.

You could be on holidays, asleep, caring for sick kids etc and your content could be doing its thing and helping someone with a struggle they are having. That is then helping them to know and trust you more and in-turn helping them see that your content is something they want to keep touching base with.

This can then turn into them reaching out to you via the phone or zoom/Skype and wanting to learn more about how they can work with you!! pretty cool hey!

The last thing I want to say here is that; yes, its great to be providing consistent content for your market place, but you also want to help them take the next step with you.

That’s where a “Call To Action” comes into play.

The “Call To Action” will help your visitor go from learning something from you, to potentially doing business with you.

A “Call To Action” could be to: Fill out an application form, to click a link to a training you have, to connect more with you on other social media platforms etc.

Another important thing to remember is to take the time to create valuable content that people will love and enjoy coming back to.

Even ask yourself “What would I like to learn this week” then create content around that. Chances are, if you’re looking to learn something new to grow your business, so are your followers and target audience. 

My video below discusses this more:

If you are interested in how to learn more about creating content and posting that in a way that creates income for you, you may want to check out this amazing “Posting On Purpose for Profit” training! 

I appreciate any feedback you feel you want to give in the comments below

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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