How To Turn Your Network Marketing Customers Into Distributors

We all want loyal customers in our business to provide great retention and long-term success.

If we don’t have customers, we start to get into those pyramid scheme tactics and that’s not how  we want to build a stable network marketing business at all….those days are long gone!

If you believe in your products, you know they are amazing and you are deeply passionate about them, why wouldn’t you want bucket loads of customers using your products and gaining benefits from them. 

Loyal customers are great referrals for your business and you just never know when one of those referrals could also turn into a distributor as well. Loyal customers will automatically tell their friends and family about these amazing products that they receive great benefit from, just like they would tell them about a movie or restaurant they love.

So don’t look at ALL of your customers as someone you want to convert into a distributor/business partner because your customers are such an asset to you and your business’s long-term retention rate. 

Some customers just love being customers and some may not even know that there is an opportunity for them to look at the business and make income from it! 

If you have customers that have been with you for some time, they’ve had great benefits from the products and seem to be naturally sharing their thoughts and love of the products with their circle of people for what the products have down for them, then why not find out if they are open to sharing their passion in a way that can make them a side income from it.

Check out today’s video to hear how I feel is an easy natural way to approach your customers about joining your team as a distributor.

Did you get value from this? I’d love for you to share some of your scripts below on how you have approached your customers about becoming a distributor.

Create Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend.

Janelle Emma xx

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