A True Leaders Secret-Are You Doing This?

Part of developing yourself in Network Marketing is developing your leadership skills.

There’s one tool that top leaders around the world utilise in order to get more action from the people they are leading.

This tool is the secret to the top leaders success, and that secret is: ASSIGNMENTS!

People crave assignments and direction, and leaders provide them. A leader will give a everyone they are associated with in their business an assignment, it doesn’t matter if they are a prospect, a customer or a business partner, the leader will provide assignment/direction to all, and that is what makes the team motivated, grow and learn.

The assignment could be something like:

“I want you to try this product, call me to discuss it”!

“I want you to schedule a home meeting for a group of people who I’ll present to”.

“I want you to schedule a phone call with your prospect then do a 3 way call with me”

*Giving a deadline is also what the best leaders do with their team and down-line leaders.

Some good assignments to give the leaders are:

“Here’s what we are going to do for the next 30 days”

“Here’s the 5 things I want you to do in the next 7 days”

“I’ve purchased all our tickets to the next event, go and register yourself in the back office”

Even giving your teams incentives and competitions will provide direction and some soft competition for the team to get to work.

What you will see when you start doing this is that their anxiety and overwhelm will go down (especially if they are new to the industry), and their encouragement and excitement goes up. They take action because they have direction and a game plan to follow.

We as humans have been trained our whole life to complete tasks, to take direction in school, work, from our parents. So our mentality wont change that quickly.

It is hard to go from that mindset of always being told what to do, to then becoming an entrepreneur and network marketer and being your own boss, having to think about all the aspects of your business yourself, having to motivate yourself and your team. This is why learning the fundamental skills of a leader is crucial.

Get into the mindset of creating assignments for the people you are attempting to lead. Even give deadlines.

Watch what happens when you do this!

I would love for you to come back to me and tell me if you see growth from taking on these strategies. Or if you have some amazing strategies that you already use for your team, why not share them with me in the comments below. I love learning all the different ways people lead their teams.

Keep being Amazing, Authentic, and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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