As I mentioned in my last Time Management Post our Money Making Activities (MMA) are crucial for our success!

Prospecting should be your number one priority and be done every single day above all other money-making activities. After that you can map out your week where you do your other MMA’s (Inviting, Presenting, Follow up, Personal Development) and I have offered you my MMA tracking sheet here below if you would like to click it and download your own copy.

Our business wont grow if we don’t prospect so it doesn’t matter if that’s online or offline prospecting, set a DAILY goal for yourself and make a pact with yourself to reach that goal each and every day and you will become successful. Your tracking sheet will also make you accountable with this.



Once we’ve set out our MMA’s for the week, we can then start looking at our “Busy Work Activities” that need to be scheduled into our weekly tracker as well.

Your “Busy Work Activities” include things like:

  • Team Support Activities (Weekly Team Training, Answering Questions, Monthly Meetings, Presenting for your team, 3 way calls etc)
  • Admin Activities (Checking Emails, Paperwork, Ordering Stock or Helping Others Do So, End Of Month Rank Advance Stats, Running Errands etc)
  • Social Media (Posts, Checking Messenger, Connecting With Friend Requests, Live Videos etc)

All of these “Busy Work Activities” are still a crucial part of our business but should not be given any time in our day unless we have completed our MMA’s first.

We cant expect our business to run properly or have consistent success if we don’t track our daily actions, don’t put in daily MMA FIRST and aren’t consistently doing the things that are what create us income.

I also like to make sure that I have a “To Do” list set out each day so that I can tick off the things I’ve achieved, or add the things I haven’t achieved to the next day.

Another great side note from the “To Do” list is to have an “Achievements List” or “Finished Tasks’ list. This is great for seeing in plain view what it is you’ve achieved in the day, and by adding extra achievements you’ve had in the day or extra “wins” no matter how big or small, you then set your mindset in seeing that all those tiny little steps and task you have achieved are all the things that are moving you in the right direction and creating your success. When your mind sees these small successes, that is what drives you to achieve another task! Love it!

Sunday evenings I feel are a great time of the week to map out your week on the daily tracker, and schedule all the things you know can be scheduled to make the week flow more easily.


I love the saying “Failing To Plan, Is Planning To Fail” and that is so true for the home business profession. We are our own boss, our own mentor, so we have to make sure that we are keeping ourselves accountable and on track week by week if we want to see this working for us.




In the video below I also mention the 45/10/5 rule. This rule can be really helpful for the busy person to use and to set their business up to run in 45 minute increments. That way it can become much easier to get those set tasks done if you know you have the 45 minutes to do them before moving on to the next task.

the 45/10/5 rule goes like this: – Do an activity for 45 minutes ONLY. Take 10 minutes break to get a drink, check emails, play with the kids, get fresh air etc. Then take 5 minutes to set up the next task and get stuck into it! Pretty cool right!

Take a look at my video below for some more insight on this as well.


Id love to hear your thoughts if this was of value to you. Why not drop a comment below and share with me your daily routine, and how you cope having a busy lifestyle and fitting in your network marketing business around that.

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx


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