Your “Vision” Versus Your “Why”

When joining a network marketing company one of the first things we are told to do is to sit down and write out our “WHY”.

Most of us know our “why” to be the things that we first want to achieve when we start making a good income from our business. Things like:

  • Paying off our house loan
  • Travelling more
  • Buying a new car
  • Putting the kids through a decent school
  • Quitting our 9-5 job

There’s usually tons of reasons “WHY” we do this profession but our “VISION” is what pulls us further than those external “WHY” factors. Those external factors are purely our GOALS and our bigger “WHY” is what we see and know as our “VISION”


Usually your “WHY” is the external reasons for doing this profession.

(they are your goals)

Your “VISION” is based on the internal motivation for doing this no matter what obstacles you face!

(this is your core value and what you believe to be your true purpose)


Think of it like this:

You’re now making 5k, 10k, or even 20k every single month in your business and you’ve now paid off the house, bought the new car, gone on a few holidays and have the kids in a great school etc….what next?

What will be the reason you then keep moving forward, keep motivating your team, keep getting excited on a daily basis and not give up?

Really think about that and about the reason you want to drive yourself to go beyond those external goals you have accomplished.

In this video below I give you some examples of my teams visions and their bigger reason for wanting to keep pushing themselves in their business. check it out!

Make your vision so powerful that you are rock solid and that no one can crush you on your journey to that end goal.

This is where you have to dig deeper. You will never stop doing what you are passionate about if your vision is big enough. Nothing will steer you away from that end goal or make you lose focus if your vision is super rock solid.

Why not start mapping out your vision, have a think to yourself about the things you feel will pull you through those tough times and keep you going no matter how many obstacles are thrown your way.

Its OK if your vision changes overtime, but right now, what do you feel is the biggest reason for you wanting to be so persistent in your daily actions for your business?

I hope this was of value to you? I appreciate you sharing this with your team if you think it will also benefit them.

Keep being Persistent, Consistent and Authentic

Janelle Emma xx


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