What To Talk About If You Brand You & Not Your Company

Personal Branding not only is the key to attract people to you in the correct way, but it is also what will provide you long-term success in your home business or network marketing business.

In my previous video about personal branding, I spoke of 7 steps that can really help you to start implementing personal branding strategies properly. You can watch that video HERE

The confusion some people have with personal branding is, “Why should I brand myself”? “What would I actually talk about if I’m not talking about my products?”

This is where the struggle comes in for a lot of people. But I can assure you, that if you are doing these steps that I’ll go through below, you will understand why it is a much better option to brand yourself and not your products, company or service.

Firstly, the major factor here is that you want to be providing VALUE and providing EDUCATION on something. Focus on the topics or things you can offer to help people with their needs.

Heres an example:

If you are in the weight loss niche, don’t talk specifically about the products you promote around weight loss, start making yourself somewhat of an expert or GO-TO person for weight loss in general.

Why not start providing free value on, how people can drink more water in their day, or how people can do quick 5 minute exercises to help kick-start their healthier lifestyle, start showing value on the type of foods that are high quality antioxidant rich and the type of foods that compliment your products.

By doing this, you will be seen more as a credible person, more as someone who they can know, like and trust, and someone who they want to listen to and learn from.

Obviously when your providing this value it could be through, posts on social media, PDF documents for them to print, an E-Book, Videos, webinars, training programs etc. You will soon see how you can also include your products into the value you are providing by suggesting to these people some of the products you promote that they can use and that can help them in their weight loss journey.

Another example that I gave in the video is:

How they could live more chemical and plastic free in their household. This type of suggestion could be for someone who sells the essential oils and again, provide value and information on how they can incorporate the essential oils into their daily life through living more chemical free etc and other ways that will also help with this topic.

Remember, providing value, and oodles of free value will be what starts people in the process of getting to know who you are, liking the value you are providing and then trusting you enough to want to learn more from you and potentially buy from you or even become a business partner of yours.

Once you start doing this, you will soon start attracting the right type of people to you and have people reaching out to you in some way! Super awesome when that happens!!

So what next?

Your now branding yourself, providing value to the market place, attracting people to you: The next step is all about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS!!

This profession isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it shouldn’t be giving you the mindset that its quick success, and so that’s why taking the time to build relationships is crucial and a must for moving forward and growing your business.

We want quality connections. So putting some time into that is absolutely essential and we need to be looking at who we are trying to attract and who our target market is. If we know who we are targeting, we can provide value to them in a much more effective way, and the process of creating the connections into building strong relationships is a smooth process.

If you’re using the ILT method; Investing your time and money into things that you Learn and then Teach that to your target market. You will soon see that you start to attract very like-minded people who are interested in what you have to offer. They will appreciate this process far more than if you are just pushing your products or business opportunity onto them.

Think about this process for your long-term success. Consistency is a major key element in branding yourself. It takes time and commitment to do it properly and will pay off much more in the long run.

Dabbling in personal branding and attraction marketing only for a few weeks or a few months will lead you to frustration and stress. Make sure you have the mindset to know that you need to give this profession and these strategies time and patience. After a while, you will see how this truly is a better strategy for your success.

Check the video out here for more insight into this.

If you got value from this, or if you are looking into personal branding and attraction marketing, drop a comment below and I will share with you all the tips and strategies I use from the incredible platform and community I learn from.

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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