Nature & Sage Workshop

Join me for this gorgeous Nature & Sage
creative workshop event in the beautiful
Glass House Mountains
on 5th February 2023.

I'm excited to share this creative and mindful experience with you and can't wait to see what beautiful creations you all come up with.

What's Involved:

Firstly, we will meet at the mountain and come together in circle with a shamanic welcoming to bless the group and space.

Followed by a sharing circle & intention setting for our day.

While at the mountain, I will guide you all through a short ceremony & meditation to help us connect to the powerful energy of the mountain in preparation for our foraging process. The more we tune into the mountain's energy and truly "feel" into the natural elements and what it has to offer, we are going to create epic deep grounding for ourselves and calm the nervous system & mind to bring us beautiful peace and bliss. 

*This process of connecting to the mountain, nature and foraging experience is a main focus of our event.
NOTE: If you'd like to bring other elements or materials to add to your sage bundle, please feel free to do so.

Once back at the Bell Tent, before we start creating, I will guide you through a short process that will help to awaken the imagination and intuition to get the juicy-ness flowing.

Then, we can let the creations begin! This fun & creative session helps us to not only tap into our creative side, but also helps us to connect to our inner child-like state, letting our imaginative mind & intuition lead the way. 

Once you have completed your sage bundle, I can infuse reiki into it for you as well if you like.

We can then discuss ways to use your sage bundle for clearing & protection for yourself if you feel that you'd like to use the sage for a purpose. or...
 *If you'd like to keep your sage bundle as a keep-sake, instead of burning it, that is also perfectly fine. 

If we have time, we will finish with another meditation and blessing to close the space.

I will be providing a free gift to you all, plus materials for the bundle (feathers, twine, dried flowers, crystals etc)

We will have afternoon tea and refreshments provided.

What to bring:
-Your own cushion or bolster,
-Yoga mat & Blanket  (if you'd like to lay down in meditation),
-A journal if you'd like to record anything that comes up in your experience, 
-Any of your own materials or crystals to add to the creation.

*Please wear comfy clothes/shoes that are suitable for a walk/forage around the mountain.

Please arrive before 2pm so we can start the event right on time.
Date: 5th Feb 2023
Time: 2-6pm
Price: $89
Address will be provided on payment

Spots are limited (8 people max)

Looking forward to seeing you!

Janelle xx

You can pay via Bank Transfer or PayPal 

Once paid, please email me your confirmation to

Bank Details: 
Account Name: Janelle James
BSB: 654 000
Account: 64186548

Introductory Price


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