Get out of the “Why Me” rut

In today’s video I wanted to bring something to the front of your mind regarding how you deal with obstacles and challenges in your business.

Ask yourself this question! “What habits do you need to change in order to obtain better results?”

“Your results are the end product of your habits”

If you have a habit of sitting stagnant in times when a challenge arises and you seem to always let those challenges or obstacles get you down or hold you back…..Maybe look at the obstacles and challenges you’ve had so far as something that needed to happen so you could learn from them and understand how to move forward or what improve on next time.

Sometimes we are knocked down, kicked to the ground and given these challenges so we can learn from them and know how to help others to go through or overcome those same situations.

Thinking to yourself…”Why Me”…or… “Why does this happen to me” will not serve you well and will automatically drop your energy and vibe.

Switch that thought process and mindset to realise that this situation NEEDED to happen so you could learn from it to help others overcome these challenges as well. Doing this is far more powerful and a far better approach.

Understanding and learning why your own struggles and obstacles can be a positive for you to help and serve others can really make an impact from your own experiences in their lives….this is super powerful.

Obstacles and challenges happen for a reason and are there to trigger you into a different direction or push you that bit harder.

Make yourself unstoppable and bullet proof when challenges arise….there’s always going to be challenges, but it’s how you react to them that differentiates your success or lack of it!

Would you prefer to push through this, knowing that by doing so you will help others, grow your business and grow yourself as a person. Or, would you prefer the “why me” mentality and keep yourself in that rut? Its your call.

Was this of value to you? I appreciate your comments below.

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Keep Creating Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend

Janelle Emma xx 

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