A Network Marketer’s Mindset – Is Your Biz A Reflection Of You?

In network marketing, your business is a reflection of you! All businesses reflect their administrator and because in our case, we are the driving force of our business means that our business will not thrive and grow, if we don’t have the belief in ourselves and what we are doing first and foremost.

It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, it just means you have to be willing to constantly learn and strive to better yourself everyday. Never stop educating yourself on things that can help you grow more confidence and belief. Self help books, audio’s, workshops, seminars and webinar’s that are related to your niche, can really help with this. It’s something we should be working on as much as we can.

Top leaders in the network marketing industry are also the top learners!! WHY? Because they are dedicated to daily rituals of personal development and self-improvement.

If you feel that what you’re doing in your business isn’t working for you and you’re not seeing results; Take a step back and re-evaluate how your spending your time, and what you’re focusing on the most. Chances are, you’re either holding yourself back by negative beliefs and self-destructive thoughts, or you’re keeping “busy” but not doing daily  “money-making activities” that are productive and helping you grow. A daily method of operation (DMO) can really help with this, along side a diary or journal that you use to set out what tasks you do at what time of day. I like to use Trello for my DMO, I find it quite easy because i can use it on my computer or the app on my phone and have it with me when on-the-go as well.

Always have the attitude to want to learn more about mindset, and about YOU daily! Doing things like reading, visualization, affirmations, meditation and listening to positive audio’s or podcasts can really help you to start creating more of that positive mindset and put you in the right frame of mind to create more belief in yourself.

I speak more about this in the video below.


Make it a habit to spend at least 30-60 Mins a day learning mindset strategies and working on yourself.

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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