What Expectations Are You Setting For New Team Members?

This is SO important for our profession!!

There’s 2 key factors that hurt the network marketing profession in the worst possible way which are:

  1. How you post or act on social media (replicated websites, how to make XYZ dollars etc)
  2. The expectation you’ve set a newbie or someone looking at joining the business.

If your making it sound EASY when introducing a prospect to your team, the expectation set is way out of line and hurting not only your reputation or the company’s reputation but also you’re giving the whole profession a bad name!

The whole point of network marketing is to introduce someone to a culture that they can enjoy, that makes them want to stick around, that shows them amazing support, that they are passionate enough to talk to other people about and turn this into a life long business if that’s what is part of their end goal and vision.

This is what will create you leverage, long-term success and has nothing to do with the small factor of the sign up bonuses or commissions.

If your someone who is hooked on the sign up bonus, totally focused on what money you can make from the people you are signing and not the long-term leverage/possibilities of enrolling a new business partner, your mindset needs to switch or you need to look for a new profession.

Have a think about who you want to attract also. You don’t want to be someone who’s only all about the “bonus” you get for signing someone, or the next commission you will earn from them. By having that mindset yourself, your only going to attract that type of person into your business and life, which is not what you will want for long-term success.

We have to make sure that if they state they want to do this properly and be a business owner that they will then do the necessary actions that are critical to get them started correctly. Show them everything they need to do the right way, lay it out specifically so they get a full understanding.

We aren’t trying to sell cheap and nasty “get rich quick” schemes. We are providing a different solution to the problems they have and selling them on the fact that this can create a whole different lifestyle for them and their family.

I hope this was of value to you? Why not comment below if you have certain expectations you love setting for your new business partners/team members.

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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