Have you mastered your 30 second elevator pitch when someone asks you what it is you do for a living?

Has there ever been a time when you’ve been asked, what is it that you do for a living and you freeze!! Or maybe you verbally vomit your entire product and company information to the person so quickly that you’ve ruined any chance of actually getting them to check out some information? (trust me, I’ve done this before and it isn’t pretty!)

There is a real fear for some people to admit verbally straight away that they are in network marketing and that completely diminishes their posture and messes up any chance they had of making the other person believe enough in what they have to offer.

So what exactly is an elevator pitch and how do you craft one out? 

“An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what you do or promote.”

Crafting out your elevator pitch can take a bit of time, but the best way to approach the “what is it you do” question, or to work out how your elevator pitch should look like, is to ask yourself “what is my favourite part of the company?”……Is it the products and what they’ve done for you? Is it the fact that you are creating a residual income in part-time hours? Whatever you are most passionate about in your business, should be what you craft into your elevator pitch.


It is so important to have that roll off the tongue at any given time, in any situation. 

First and foremost when your using your elevator pitch, you want to create curiosity and basically only give the person a  preview to the movie (so to speak). By doing this, you will quickly grab their attention enough that they then ask you to tell them more about what you’ve just mentioned.

Having an elevator pitch that gives others the idea that what you are doing is something they can do to, is the golden ticket to a successful invite in looking at your products or business. Depending on the person, also depends on what it is you say to them, but if you have practiced and crafted your elevator pitch enough, then you won’t have any trouble changing it up from time to time if needed to suit that person you are talking to.

I know for me personally, my elevator pitch is very much directed at the stay home mum, but if I was speaking to a male, then of course I may need to tweak what I say just a little so it could also be appealing to him.

Check out todays video for some ideas and scripts of what an elevator pitch can look like.



Not only do you want to create curiosity around your elevator pitch, but you want to work out what it is you can say that will be helpful, engaging and end with an open-ended question for the person you are speaking to. This way they will be eager to ask you to tell them more about what you do.

The goal is to: 

  • Create Curiosity.
  • Show them that they can do this to.
  • Show them that they want what you are doing.
  • Never give out any extra information other than inviting them to look at a tool, resource, video etc

Of course you are wanting them to ask you for more information, but giving them too much in your very first conversation will only lead to failure. Most network marketing companies out there have tools, videos, resources etc that you can use to share with your new prospect, so make sure to use them and follow-up correctly. 

I’d love to hear your elevator pitch, so why not drop it in the comments below. Or share this with your team and get together sometime to help each other craft out and perfect your own elevator pitch that you can use time and time again.

Keep creating Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend.

Janelle Emma xx



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