How To Deal With Rejection In Your Business

As Network Marketers and Home Business owners, dealing with rejection is a day-to-day occurrence and unless we take our feelings out of the equation, it can really start to bring us down.

But what if we thought of the rejections the way that a waitress/waiter does in a restaurant!! Here’s and example; If you’ve been to a restaurant for lunch and the waiter comes over to give you your bill, usually they will ask you if you would like to look at the desert menu. If your answer is a “no thank you” does that waiter then get really upset and put down from your response?? No they don’t!  The reason for that is, they aren’t attached to the outcome, they are hearing the “no thank you” all day, every day from people they don’t know, so they aren’t effected by the rejection.

It does get hard always hearing the NO, but it doesn’t have to wear us down if we can use it to our advantage. Asking for referrals from the contact that has given the No can be a very valuable angle to use in our profession. Check out my video below which explains this more. 


I hope your rejections are driving you to work harder and help motivate you to go out there and make lots of new contacts. Make rejection your friend, I promise you, the universe will thank you for it.

Janelle Emma xx

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