4 Attraction Marketing Tips To Apply Daily

The power of attraction marketing is phenomenal and if it’s done daily and correctly, you will very soon start to notice people reach out to you and look up to you because what you are doing is attracting them to you.

In this video I cover 4 tips that I feel should be applied daily, if you’re someone who’s doing daily content creation to attract people to you!

1: Become a student of Personal Development: The more you learn, the more you have to offer. Read books, attend seminars/webinars, listen to PD audio’s and podcasts, find good mentors to learn from that also use PD daily. – Doing this changes the way that you think and your actions, which in turn, helps others along the way if you are teaching what you learn. Learning PD is a waste of time if you aren’t applying it and teaching it to others.

2:Always Offer Value: (4 categories to focus on, when knowing how to offer value are):

  • FOCUS 1: “How To” (You could be using video or audio and showing people “how to” do XYZ that’s related to their topics,problems)
  • FOCUS 2: “Reviews” (Share your company/product reviews and testimonials, or personal stories. People love stories and hearing about your success, it creates curiosity and makes them think that maybe they could have the same success you are having)
  • FOCUS 3: “Training” (Teach different forms of training to your team/down-line and people who are in the same niche as you. This could be in the form of webinars, training calls, Facebook “LIVE” motivational videos, or local meetings)
  • FOCUS 4: “Mindset” (Provide value to your niche or target market on mindset, and how they can improve their train of thought to get more results: Our results don’t purely come from action, they come from the belief and confidence we have in ourselves as well)

3: Follow The Top Earners-Use Their Content To Your Advantage: This is what you call “borrowing proof”. If you’re not apart of a team with top earners who provide a lot of attracting marketing content to the market place, then go and learn from other top earners and leaders in the industry. Subscribe to their email list and learn from their training’s. Take lots of notes and use those notes in your own words. Put your own twist on it to create your own content and provide value to others in your niche or target market. This then starts to show others that you also are someone credible and of value, and someone they can learn from.

4:Stay Connected With All Your Contacts And Prospects: There is so much technology out their today, you want to make sure you can be found. Have a couple of different social media accounts and even a Blog/Website so it is easy for your contacts/prospects to always reach out and find you. Even creating Facebook “lists” within your account is a really good idea. This way you can categorize the different type of people you are talking to and have easy access to their details so you’re not scrolling through news feeds all day to stay engaged with their posts etc. If you are engaging on your contacts/prospects posts in whatever social media platforms they use, you will find that once they start noticing that, then they will do it back to you. This way they will start seeing more of your content coming up in their feeds and can see the amazing information you are providing to the market place that may relate to them. You can even have your contacts on an email list so you can consistently send them emails about upcoming events or information you are providing.

By doing all of these 4 steps daily, it will make you more attractive to your market place and sure enough, they will start seeing you as someone of value and somewhat of an expert in the home business industry.

Why wouldn’t they want to reach out to you if you’re providing so much free valuable content that will help them move forward in their business!! VERY POWERFUL!


Did you get value from this? Let me know, by dropping a comment below!!

Keep being Amazing Authentic and Inspiring.

Janelle Emma xx

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