How To Create Success Before Your Successful

The stigma of thinking that we need to be earning a lot of money before we can invest in our self and our business needs to be changed. I know myself when I first started in network marketing, I would always say that I didn’t want to invest in “this” course, or buy “that” training until I had reached a certain rank or made a certain amount of money. This is totally the wrong type of mindset to have and I am the first to admit that I was this type of person at the start! Have a think to yourself; how is it that you can become successful in your business if you wont put time, effort and money into growing yourself and your skills? 

You can most definitely create success before you are successful and before people see you as an influence in your niche. The more you invest in yourself and your business from the start, the quicker you will grow and be able to help others grow in their business as well. We always here that knowledge is power, and I truly think that applies to this type of subject. 

Become a credible person by increasing your influence though educating and investing in yourself daily. Tanya Aliza says “Invest to be successful & before you are successful” and I truly believe those words of wisdom from her.

In the video below I share three tips on how to create success before you are successful!

The three tips cover;

  1. Credibility.
  2. Being a leader who shows each customer/biz partner that you truly care.
  3. Being the solution provider.

Check it out!

Did you get value from this? I know I did. These notes were taken from the amazing Tanya Aliza and she has many other strategies to share on how to create success before your successful, I’m sure she will love it if you head to her website to get the full list.

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Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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