Where does your motivation come from if you don’t have a vision for yourself?

A lot of network marketers are in the spot at the moment where pain is what drives them to do this industry….but what about when you’ve overcome that pain?

What about when you no longer have that fear of the life you use to have because you’re doing OK now and you’ve reached some of those goals you previously set yourself to achieve!

This is where your vision will start to pull you forward!

You wont need to remind yourself each day to do the work…….You’re doing the work no matter what because your vision is way bigger than any obstacles put in front of you.

The number 1 reason for not creating success in network marketing!


It’s not:

  • Lack of skill
  • Your background
  • Your warm market
  • Your up-lines leadership tactics
  • Your companies products

It has nothing to do with support or obstacles or the company overall!

Its our own lack of consistency,discipline and showing up or not showing up day in and day out.

The daily grind of prospecting, following up, showing up, putting the presentation in-front of people daily….is all consistent work and will be what creates your success and builds your business. But you wont keep doing these activities if your vision isn’t pulling you to keep going.

Ray Higdon explains this as: “People lack vision for who they want to be and why the work is worth it”

He’s so true don’t you think? Your aren’t going to put 100% into the work every day if your vision isn’t strong enough and you’re not disciplined enough to do the work whether you feel like it or not!

You can learn all the skills for your industry that you want, but you still wont create success if your not truly consistent and that true consistency comes from nothing else but that VISION!

What is your vision?

Your vision should utilise your natural talents:

To create a vision, begin by identifying your core values, your passions, what you believe to be your purpose, and how you envision your life. From there, be more specific and remember the more crystal clear you are the better.

Your vision should include your values and your view of the future without being too generic. Your vision can also change over time. The point is to have one so you know why you’re doing what you do, and you have the drive to do it no matter what.

Take the time to craft your vision out:

  • Who do you want to become
  • What are you passionate about
  • Who do you want to serve
  • How do you want others to see you

This is so powerful and important for us all to know the answers to these questions. 

Create a vision for yourself that’s bigger and better than where you currently are, believe that you are already achieving that vision and creating that type of lifestyle. 

remember that our vision is very internal and our why is the external factors.

I spoke in my last blog post the significant difference between your “Vision” and your “Why”. You can read that post HERE to truly help you understand that distinct difference between the two and to help you craft your vision out correctly.

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Remember to be Consistent, Persistent and above all Authentic

Janelle Emma xx




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