Are You ProActive Or ReActive?

A person that is proactive with their health is essentially working on a daily basis to keep their health in their own hands. Human beings are all habitual, and it is our habits that create our reality. The more healthy habits we put into our daily life the better chance for wellness while minimising the risk for sickness and disease

The way I see proactive health is looking at all things related to nutrition and the food we eat, our mental well-being and physical exercise. 

A reactive person will normally put their health on the back burner until the symptoms become unbearable or the doctor diagnoses them with an illness, condition or disease. Being reactionary with your health creates a greater risk of sickness and disease much earlier in life.

Proactive thinking is a state of mind that is breaking out of the mindless, repetitive patterns that keep us in a daily cycle of bad habits! It also means taking conscious control over your life, setting goals and working to achieve them. Instead of reacting to events and waiting for things to happen before you respond.

Lets take a look at some behaviours of being Reactive Vs Proactive for your health:

  • Being reactive means taking action only when you’re in pain.
  • Being proactive means doing what it takes to maintain good health.
  • Being reactive means getting up off the couch because your family member or friend told you so.
  • Being proactive means getting up off the couch and being active because you want to and you know it is good for you!
  • Being reactive means grabbing the quickest source of sugary sweets to combat a stressful moment.
  • Being proactive means eating healthy food (including healthy fats) when you’re hungry and when you need it most to properly maintain healthy stress levels. 


I think that doing small things each day to be proactive for our own well-being plays a big role in our health and happiness overall and long-term.
Doing things like cutting out grains and sugar, meditating, and doing small amounts of exercise, playing with the kids or stretching can really benefit our overall health.

Check out my video below to learn more on this topic.


I’m very passionate about health, wellness and wellbeing. If you found value in this, and are also passionate about these things, why not drop me a comment below.

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