8 Reasons Why Smoothies Are So good For You

I have a smoothie every single day for breakfast and find that what it does for my day-to-day health is incredible.

I want to go through with you some of the reasons why I think smoothies are so good for us and super beneficial for our daily health.

1) Helps you get your daily allowance of fruits, vegetables and nutrients:

It is such a challenge for some people to get their required intake of fruits and veg, but we all know that if we want optimal health and great energy, sleep etc, we have to be giving ourselves the correct nutrients to do that. I love with smoothies that you can load them up with many ingredients so that you are keeping your daily intake in check.

2) Helps aid digestion:

There are many people out there who struggle with digestive issues (constipation, diarrhoea) or even who struggle to stomach a bowl of cereal or piece of toast for breakfast. We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not switch it over to a smoothie that is easily digested because it has already been blended up and put into liquid form before having it. The blender is breaking down the foods before the stomach has to, so that can be a huge help to our digestive system.

3) You know exactly whats going into your smoothie:

Most store-bought cereals and breakfast options are flooded with additives, preservatives and sugars. They send our brain and insulin into overdrive, so why not steer clear of those and opt for a nutritious smoothie instead. A smoothie that you have made, that you know exactly what’s going into it.

4) Great for Detox:

If you add certain foods into smoothies that help digestion and detox, the body then functions better and has far less inflammation. Think of foods like, green leafy veg, ginger, lemon etc.

5) Great for Energy:

By having a smoothie daily, you are supplying your body with loads of nutrients which creates the fuel your body needs for energy. We shouldn’t need to be reaching for so-called “energy drinks” or fancy energy supplements Look at using a smoothie a day to kick-start your energy levels which will last you for hours throughout the day.

6) Beauty: If you are supplying your body with the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals, you are bound to have healthier hair and glowing skin. Our face mimics out gut, so if you seem to get a lot of breakouts, or your skin is quite uneven with dry and oily patches, take a look at what you can add into your smoothies for your skin and hair optimal health. (think chia seeds, avocados, coconut oil, flaxseeds).

7) Strengthen the immune system:

There are so many amazing ingredients you can add to smoothies to strengthen the immune system. We all seem to get a lot sicker these days with colds and flu’s. So by adding an abundance of immune boosting ingredients in your smoothies, you’re going to benefit greatly from that. (think ginger, spinach, almonds, lemons).

8) Green smoothies are the most beneficial:

They may look an odd colour, but wow do they provide us with the most beneficial nutrients. Leafy greens are more nutritious than all other veggies, so think kale and spinach and matcha powder (from green tea). If you’re looking at optimal health and vitality your green smoothie can provide that daily and your body and energy levels will love you for it.

Check out the video below, for some of my favourite ingredients I love adding to smoothies.

I hope this was of value to you? Why not share your fav smoothie recipes or ingredients with me in the comments below.

Keep being amazing, Authentic and Inspiring.

Janelle Emma xx

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