The 7 Dimensions Of Wellness:

Lets Discuss The 4 Most Widely Known

Most of us look at wellness as purely looking after ourselves with what we eat and how we exercise. But there are so many more dimensions that come into the overall outlay of what wellness is and I want to share that with you today.

My inspiration for this post today came from the website and in their article regarding the 7 dimensions of wellness they mentioned how Dr Jennifer Hunter, a senior researcher for complimentary medicine in Sydney Australia says:

Holistic Wellness is about “The whole person, not the parts.”

I find this to be so true because as mentioned, we aren’t purely talking about what you eat and how much you exercise. It’s about the overall health from physical to emotional to spiritual, intellectual, environmental, occupational and social wellness.

So for a long and happy life, it’s about nurturing the 7 interconnected dimensions.

We have to be aware that: Improved physical health can directly impact emotional health, sense of peace, how we interact with others and how we perform at our career or profession. (words by naturopathic Doctor in Calgary, Dr Mary Knudsen)

In my video below I spoke of the 4 most widely known aspects of wellness. Watch the video for full insight into that.

The other dimensions of wellness that I didn’t cover in the video are:

1: Intellectual wellness

Intellectual wellness involves a commitment to lifelong learning. We nurture our intellectual health when we engage in creative activities, learn new things, and expand our knowledge.

2: Environmental wellness

A 2008 position statement released by the Australian Psychological Association affirmed, “It is clear that the well-being and integrity of natural ecosystems and the biophysical environment are integral to human health and well-being.”

3: Occupational wellness

Occupational wellness involves the suitability of our work to our interests, skills, and values, and the fulfilment we gain from our professions. However, work does not only mean paid occupations—it also includes life roles (such as mother- or fatherhood), hobbies, or volunteer work.

The video below explains the other 4 (Physical, Emotional, Social and spiritual)


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Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring.

Janelle Emma xx

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