5 Ways To Create A Positive Success Mindset

We all hear from the top earners that 80% of your success in Network Marketing comes down to your mindset!! Creating a winning mindset in this industry is a must if you want to succeed long-term.

Below I am providing you with 5 different ways of implementing a positive success mindset: Lets check them out!

1: Who Do You Hang Around?
The people you hang around actually influence you far more than you may realise!! 

Look at the quality of people in your circle of friends, look at their energy. Are they positive or negative talkers? 

The late Jim Rohn who we know was a true master for mindset always said; “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with!” He’s totally correct wouldn’t you say? 


2: Become A Lifelong Learner!
Learning helps you to develop your mind to become that person you truly envision.

In Network Marketing there are SO many skills you need to learn in order to create success for yourself. By having an open mind to always wanting to learn and evolve, you can use those relevant skills and make sure you learn from them every single day. 

Not only get yourself use to learning those fundamental network marketing skills each and every day, but also learn the skills of how to be interested in other people and find out their wants, desires and pain points. You will then start to really understand how you can help and serve them.


3: Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs:
In order to learn, you’ve gotta get past your limiting beliefs That’s the first step!!

Switch that self talk from: 
“I can’t talk to people”
“I’m not a sales person”
“I don’t have time”
“I wish I could do what that person just did in their business”
-These thoughts and words are whats stopping your success, if you want to change them you have to overcome that limiting belief and use the words “I Can” and “I Will” far more than the “I can’t.”

Why not write down your limiting beliefs! Use positive affirmations or some form of self talk that suits you to help transform those thoughts and strengthen your mind. Even have sticky notes all around your home in plain sight so they remind you each day to switch on that self talk.


4: Have A Strong Support Network:
Who is supporting you and your efforts in your business?

Surround yourself with these people daily. Get them to hold you accountable, these people will be the ones cheering you on with your success (big or small) and you can do the same for them as well.

Why not even find yourself a success partner to run with. Someone who has the same core values and goals as you. This could be anyone in your team or company, it doesn’t have to be the person who directly enrolled you and that’s the beauty of this industry. We can learn from and lock arms with anyone that relates to us the most and is the most similar to us.


5: Create Good Daily Habits!
Look at the industry leaders and top earners to find out what they do DAILY to create success.

We all look at them with envy for their car, beautiful homes, lifestyle they live. But instead of just being envious of that, look at what habits they have that has created that success they have received.

We will always receive more if we give out more and one of the biggest habits in the network marketing industry that you want to create for yourself is to always be PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT and provide VALUE.

Write down what habits you want to create or achieve daily and make sure you stick to them no matter what. Also find ways you can provide great free value to other people, what is it you can do for them to help them achieve their own goals as well. 


My blog post on TIME MANAGEMENT has a great daily tracker that can really help you get crystal clear on the daily tasks you should be doing which are your money-making activities (the ones to do first and implement daily) Head over to that blog post and download your free copy of the tracker if you think it will be of value to your daily schedule.


Was this of value to you? I’d love to hear your feedback on what strategies you use daily to help grow a positive mindset. If you think this post will be of value to others you know, please feel free to share. I appreciate that!

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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