Ive recently attended another event for my network marketing company.

I truly believe that the more events you go to, the quicker your business will grow and the more belief and validation you have in knowing that what you are doing is truly the path you are meant to be on.

The last event I was at, was run by some of our corporate USA members and one of the most humble top earners I now have met in our company.

These guys were incredible and our top earner by the name of ‘Blue’ was so humble, so genuine and just a good all round guy that it made me realize, that if there are your normal everyday people out there that have done this, then why cant I!!!

Blue Elam

Blue is a fire fighter and medic in his home town in the USA, he has seen some of the worst situations you could possibly imagine and I truly take my hat off to him for that. Blue now is changing lives in a different way through our network marketing company and really showed me that by being genuine, being true to yourself and giving back wholeheartedly is the best way to do this.

If we want to be successful in what we do, why not follow the ones who have done the hard yards and are now at the top of their game!! . Watch them, listen to their words, you will soon understand why they have so much confidence and posture in what they do. Attending events is one of those things that all the successful entrepreneurs have done to grow themselves and grow their business.

Ive heard of people who have sold household possessions, created fundraisers, gotten a second job etc, just to get themselves to events!!! There’s no way that would be worth doing if these events weren’t worth your time and effort right???

The most important thing I keep taking away from these events is:

Always make sure you have taken loads of notes: You just never know when you may need those notes again and maybe something that didn’t seem relevant at the time of taking the notes, could be the golden nugget you use later down the track. I love looking back at my old notes, it recharges the brain and gets me excited again reliving all the things I learned at that time.

Go and make friends with the top earners, talk to them, hear their story, ask loads of questions, get pictures with them.

Then, when the event is over, take action and show others that the reason you are moving forward successfully is because of attending these events and growing that belief in what your doing.

Thanks for reading

Janelle Emma


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