Team Building and Leadership

What type of leader do you want to be? Are you driven to inspire, to motivate, to impact? or all of the above! As leaders we need to have a vision in sight for the type of leader we want to keep becoming and make sure we are supporting our team fully for a stable business.

Network Marketing is not easy and I am the first to admit that!! We are here to WORK and be driven and focus to truly become successful. 

If and when we have new team members joining us in our biz, make them feel at home, make them be aware that you are there to support at any time. We don’t have to baby our team members but we do need to guide them in the right direction when getting started.

Have a nice welcome email or welcome pack that you use for when new team members sign up. Make sure there’s an inspiring message in there from you along side some useful “getting started” resources, links, documents etc to make their transition into the business a smooth one.

As you are signing people up, make sure that they know they will be receiving an info pack or email from you and make sure they are dedicated to looking through it over the next 24-48 hours to keep their excitement at an all time high. 

If you can’t be there with them face to face, this is how email works best, and also have them on some sort of conference call (zoom, Skype, Face-time) to talk them through the steps they need to take in those first 24-48 hours. Those first two days are crucial in getting people started right and making them sure that they know they have done the correct things when signing up!

When we are teaching our new biz partners the steps of the biz, we need to be inspiring them and not just trying to motivate. Motivation is purely showing people what you want them to do, but as humans we love to learn from what we see, not what we are told, so lets give them complete inspiration by showing them how we do our business ie: have them attend presentations with you, or take them with you when going to local meetings and training events, let them watch you make a few calls to prospects and go through their vision and goals with both of you together (that helps to make each other accountable).

Don’t ever pitch to them that this industry is EASY, by doing that we set the bar too high and also attract the wrong type of people, we will end up attracting people who only want an easy get rich quick mindset, and that most definitely is not what network marketing and home based business is all about. Give them the truth. This industry is something that takes time, personal growth and patience, the top earners say that it can take 3-5 years of doing this properly to become successful and start making substantial money.

Find out your new biz partners vision, ask them if they want to do this fast or slow, part-time or full-time. By asking these questions we can get a good idea of how much time we need to spend with our new biz partner and what type of income they are wanting to make.

Create reusable content for your team. If you have new biz partners join you and a lot of the time they are asking the same types of questions over and over, why not go and create some content around that so you can use it to share when these same questions arise in the future. You could create a video, a Facebook live, a blog post, a printable PDF etc. By doing this you will save yourself valuable time and you will also be proving amazing information to your team so they can then share that with their new team members when they come on board as well.


Leadership and growth really are very important to me and i quite enjoy leading others who have vision to strive for more for themselves.

If you found value in this, why not share with me some of your vision in what type of leader you are, or want to become.

Janelle Emma xx

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