How To Take The Pressure Off Yourself & Approach More People About Your Products

I bet you absolutely love your network marketing products like I do, but do you feel scared to promote them in case you offend people in some way??

I know it took me a long time to get over that fear and have the posture to not only promote my products with ease, but do it in a specific way that takes the thought of “selling” out of the picture.

Maybe you have a great skin care line, make up system, weight loss products etc, but you feel quite scared to share them with some people with the fear that you may offend that person.

Why not, instead of giving some sort of sales pitch;

Share stories instead!

Stories are really really powerful and will obviously work better for you then going up to someone saying; “Hey I think my weight loss system would help you because I can see you’ve put on some weight since we last spoke”!! haha this will definitely NOT work and I can imagine you wouldn’t be approaching people in this way anyway.

Why not share your own personal testimonial with the products you love the most! If you have a strong testimonial with one product in particular, make that the one you share the most and even record yourself sharing that testimonial on video so it’s easily accessible to share with people. Even have it on your blog if you have one, or put it up on social media for attraction marketing purposes (without saying product or company name of course).

If you don’t feel that your own testimonial is powerful enough, use other team members stories and share those as much as possible. Third party testimonials are just as powerful as your own story.

Remember you want to be a product of the product, so your own testimonial will be your biggest asset and will be what helps you share your products with passion and confidence. Posture is everything and we know that if we don’t seem confident in what we are saying, our prospects will sense that straight away.

So obviously bringing these testimonials up in conversation will be far more effective and not seem pitch-y to your prospects. It will also show you are more genuine and they will really feel you’re truly wanting to help them out and not just “selling” your product for your own benefit.

Another great way you can approach them is by asking an open-ended question. asking questions is very powerful and we know by asking a lot of questions that our prospects can see that we are genuinely interested in their life and their problems that they are sharing with us. 

 This video below explains this more. Check it out

Lets here about your favourite way to approach people with your products? I’d love to hear your ideas below.

If you want some free training on telling your story; click this link 

Keep being amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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