Are your self sabotaging thoughts, stopping your business from growing? Do this exercise for 5 mins a day, and watch what that does to your success!!

Your thoughts create your reality. So by changing your thoughts to a more positive way of thinking, it will overflow into all aspects of your life.

Your thoughts (if negative) are what hold you back from succeeding anything in life that you desire. Have a good think to yourself about what it is you tell yourself every single day.

Start paying attention to your thoughts and become more self-aware. Start by writing down negative thoughts that you know you tell yourself often. Why not write them down, acknowledge that they are not the way you want to think anymore and then go and burn them or throw the piece of paper out and really promise to yourself to be more conscious of not using those words again.

I listened to an amazing podcast by Erin Birch the other day (she is an amazing leader and marketer who created a 6 figure income in just 1 year, and did it all with no prior experience in the network marketing industry!! Incredible!!). The main thing she said that got her the success so fast, was her mindset, what she was telling herself daily, and what actions she took to create a better more successful mindset.

In her podcast she spoke of giving us all a 90 day challenge regarding our own mindset and how that will majorly help our business success if we follow the tasks she mentioned.

One of the tasks was to think back to your past and remember a time, or multiple times when you felt most confident and most powerful. Was it a school event or award? was it something you did that made someone else feel really amazing and they couldn’t stop thanking you for your efforts? Was it some sort of promotion with a job? Really have a think to yourself, and write down a few things that gave you that posture and feeling of success. Remember how those past events made you feel, take your mind back to those events, use those feelings to help you visualise the new things you want to succeed at.

A good way to do an exercise like this, is to do it as soon as you wake, or before you go to bed when you have no interruptions. Maybe even at the same time you would usually meditate or relax. Then think those past thoughts that make you feel really good. Put them in your mind and then channel that to help you visualise the success that you want in your business or life RIGHT NOW.

If you’re wanting to rank advance, or hit a certain level within your company. Or if you’re wanting to make a specific amount of money or achieve a goal that you have been dreaming about for a while. Make sure that when you are visualising and thinking about that achievement or goal that you think about it as if it’s happening now! WHY? because if you try to visualise that goal or achievement happening in the future……then your subconscious doesn’t actually recognise that as ever being the “here and now” and will always leave it in the future. But if you can convince yourself that goal or achievement has already happened and is happening to you right now, that’s when your vibration will lift and you will attract what your thinking. Erin says this is KEY to visualisation. Very powerful!

They say that it only takes 60-90 days to start reprogramming your thoughts if you do it consistently and correctly. our thoughts and way of thinking have been ingrained in us since childhood, so we need to really dig deep and start to shift that to a better more positive thought process.

This type of exercise is not just positive thinking. We can take any second in the day to think a positive thought, but that is not what will actually reprogram your mind and subconscious. Reprogramming comes from that daily repetition that is consciously and consistently done every day in an in-depth way through proper visualisation.

Another exercise that can be done is an acknowledgement technique test: Write 15 things down that you feel you are already really good at, make a list and make sure they are things that also make you feel Proud and grateful. They could be small things like, knowing that you’re a good friend and good communicator. Or that you are a good cook or good at a certain sporting activity. Come up with 15 things and what this will do is create the vibration for success. (success is vibration!) So by doing this you will attract more success to you. Make sure you go over that list daily for the 90 day challenge and read it even before you start your visualisation exercise each day.

Basically what you’re doing, is convincing yourself in a 5 minute a day exercise that your smart, successful and a bad ass all round confident person!! who doesn’t want more of that right!!

Once you convince yourself of that, your subconscious believes it, and that’s also when other people will start to believe it and believe in you more as well.

If you know your business isn’t growing – ask yourself, is it because you are talking bad to yourself and self sabotaging??

You have to believe that you are worth it, once you do that, watch how your confidence and energy lifts. That’s what will attract the right people to you, the type of people you want to be around and you want in your life or your business. People will feel and sense your positive energy and be much more attracted to you. This can only happen once you find your passion and living that passion each and every day.

why not set yourself the challenge? Do what Erin says and do the 90 days to reprogram your brain. If you choose not to, its self sabotaging once again and that’s what stops your business from growing.

Here’s a recap on what to do over the next 90 days;

1: Write down negative thoughts, acknowledge that you don’t want them, and get rid of them.

2: Think back to your past when you felt most confident and most powerful. Relive those thoughts of when you felt really proud and use the emotion and feelings that you remember to your advantage when visualising your new goals and achievements.

3: Take 5 mins a day to visualise what success you want; visualise it as if its happening right now and you have just achieved that goal or achievement. Visualise daily, and consistently.

4: Acknowledgement technique; Write down 15 things that you feel you are already really good at. Make sure these things already make you feel really proud (doesn’t matter how small they are). Once you come up with these 15 things, this will lift your vibration which attracts more success to you.

do this for 90 days and watch how things start to change! Who’s up for the challenge? 

I will be reporting back after 90 days with how I went with this challenge, I would love for you to do so as well.

If you found value in this, drop a comment below.

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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