What To Outsource And When To Outsource

In today’s video I wanted to give you some questions that you can ask yourself regarding why you would want to outsource and what type of things you can outsource for your business.

Why not use these questions for yourself and if you answer YES to the majority of them, then its time to start outsourcing!

  1.  Do you wish there were more hours in the day? Yes or No
  2. Do you feel like there should be more things you could be doing with you time to take your business up a notch? Yes or No
  3. If you could clone yourself and give that clone tasks to do, could you keep your clone busy for at least 10 hours a week? Yes or No
  4. Do you feel that your time is worth more than the minimum wage? Yes or No
  5. Do you wish you had more time freedom to spend with family/friends? Yes or No
  6. Do you get quite frustrated at the end of the day because you always seem to still have things to do on your “to do list”? Yes or No
  7. Are you constantly having to say no to, or put aside certain productivity tasks you love to do due to simply not having enough time to do them? Yes or No

Did you answer YES to the majority of these? I know I did and it helped me to understand that outsourcing my work/tasks is the right thing to do moving forward.

Check out the video for more insight into outsourcing and the type of things you can or should outsource for your business.


I had constantly been asking myself over and over again…..”When is the right time to outsource?” Not only was fear playing a role in me not wanting to outsource, but so was the thought of “will other people think that I’m lazy”! That is why I love these questions I share with you which I learned from Sherri Brown at sherribrowncoaching.com

There are millions of people in the world who outsource and the main reason they do so is to have that family time and time freedom that we all speak of in the network marketing industry…..so once I’d flipped my mindset to a more “work smarter not harder” thinking, I soon felt the weight lift off my shoulders.

“I started outsourcing small tasks for myself and realised the extra time that allowed me with my family and to also do my money-making activities”.

Was this of value to you? I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts on outsourcing and the people or companies you use to outsource your activities/tasks….why not drop your thoughts in the comments below!


Click Here if you want to ditch the overwhelm you may be feeling in your business and want to start working smarter by building your business in 10-20 minute bursts!

UpWork.com is now the place I go to for outsourcing certain tasks.

ToriMackle.com Is who I now use to help me touch up or revamp my website. She is incredible at either teaching you how to set up your own website, or she will create a “done for you” website as well. her work is incredible!

Create Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend.

Janelle Emma xx

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