Is This Why You Aren’t Where You Think You Should Be In Your Business?

 There is a belief system or belief scale that we follow and this is what determines our results in our business! 


All of this belief scale is driven by our own “conditioning” and “programming”…..It’s our background, our past, the way we were bought up, the old habits and the continuous self talk that drives our daily actions.

This is what either leads us to self motivation, or cripples any success we feel we “desire”

Think about it! As a child we are taught that: You have to go to school, college, university and get a professional job if you want to truly be successful (not true). or you may have been told that “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “you won’t make any significant money in life unless you are working yourself to the bone doing endless hours of labour”.…..any of this sound familiar?

This is exactly the subconscious wiring, conditioning and programming that was no doubt given to the majority of us as kids by our teachers, parents and peers because well……thats probably what was drummed into them for years as well!l

So what does this have to do with the success in your business? It’s all to do with the sub-conscious elements of our brain that keeps trying to bring us back to the safe comfort zone, which is proven to be the exact reason you aren’t growing as quickly as you want in your business, or aren’t seeing great success!

“Everything you have in life is a reflection of yourself, what you feel you deserve and what you believe about yourself”

In todays video we discuss this further and also discuss ways to reprogram your subconscious to gain traction on the success you are after….check it out!



We don’t want to let old programming, thoughts and feelings take over the activity that drives results. Our conscious mind is the way we “see” to get things done for our business, but the subconscious IS the way we really get things done or not!!

Look at it like this, your past subconscious programming is “the junk in the trunk”…..get rid of the junk and create NEW programming for greater success. How do we do this?

  • Look at who you spend most of your time with! the saying goes, “you are the average of the 5 people you hang around with the most”  
  • Self Development and Personal Growth should become part of your daily habits: Reading, audio’s, journaling, affirmations are simple things that you can be doing to slowly but surely start creating more positive self talk and belief in yourself.
  • Mindset Coaches or finding specific Mentors can help with your growth incredibly and can guide you in the right direction moving forward.

Any, or all of these are great ways to start building a stronger belief system as long as they are done consistently and become part of your daily habits.

90% of success in your business comes down to how much belief you have in yourself. The stronger you can grow that belief, the quicker you will start seeing success.

The secret here is to do what scares you. We don’t have to take major leaps our of our comfort zone for this to happen, but by expanding our comfort zone bit by bit, we will soon start to see positive changes happening.

I’d like to give you some home work on that! why not write down 10 things that scare you the most (this shouldn’t take you long), once you’ve written them down, pick one that you feel you want to start tackling to over come that fear. Ask yourself where does this fear come from? Try and find the source of that fear and that will help you to understand how to overcome it!

This incredible industry of network marketing truly is a great vehicle to learn the many valuable ways self-development should be and can be a priority for you. Network marketing has the magic to make you a better person, make you a better parent, a better friend etc. This industry isn’t about selling, it’s about empowering others through the impact you have on them. 

In this video you would have heard me mention the gorgeous Kari Christie who is one of my mentors and someone I look up to greatly for personal development tips and strategies that can help me grow as a person daily. She has very kindly written in the comments below some of her favourite strategies for Mindset and Personal Development that you can take on board and implement for yourself if you wish to learn more about this topic!! Why not drop Kari and I a comment below if any of this was of value to you today?

Sharing powerful information like this with your teams and circle of people can really help you all stay united and achieve success together, which is very valuable in network marketing team situations, so share away!!! I’d appreciate that.

Keep creating Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend.

Janelle Emma xx 



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