Morning Thoughts & Rituals

Have you ever read the book called “The Miracle Morning”? I’ve read the one for network marketers and it is absolutely amazing, I highly recomend you go and read the one for your type of industry!! 

So I want to ask you, what is it that you think of as soon as you wake up? Is it a negative thought, or a positive thought.

We need to be conscious of what we are thinking because that’s what sets our day up for the good or bad day. Thinking about yesterday gets us nowhere, yesterday is finished, its gone, move on. We cant undo what we’ve done, so why not give yourself a positive thought as soon as you wake and say something like “Today is going to be an amazing day” TRY IT and see.

The video explains this more and why its so important to set your day up correctly with more of a positive outlook, it really days make for an amazing day.



Be positive, Be grateful and have a plan in place for your day.

Talk again soon

Janelle Emma xx

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