Are Mistakes and Failure OK

In Network Marketing, we have to have a certain type of mindset to create success for ourselves.

That mindset, is this: Get comfortable with the idea of failure, get comfortable with the idea of making mistakes.

The whole learning process of network marketing has to come with making mistakes. Most of us are new to the network marketing or home business industry, so we have to give ourselves a break on that.

We could view our mistakes as tragedy or failure for us. But why not view them as an opportunity instead!!

An opportunity to make adjustments, an opportunity to do better next time and an opportunity to get feedback.

That is the aim of learning from our mistakes, we want feedback from them so we can get better moving forward.

Don’t think its wrong to look bad, make mistakes or feel humiliated. We are humans and we all make mistakes.

But if everything was always perfect, you wouldn’t learn much from that and you wouldn’t grow or move forward.

Why view mistakes as something that’s negative? View them as something you can learn from and get better from. Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone, that’s when you learn and grow most, that’s when the magic happens!!

Keep the mindset that these are just learning experiences, they aren’t good or bad. Don’t let them affect you and your growth.

Why not write down in a book when you make a mistake? Acknowledge it, write what you can do next time to improve it and work on daily to get better. Look back at those mistakes in 6-12 months, you will soon realise how far you’ve come in just that short amount of time.

Our mindset should always be that we either WIN or we LEARN. Not that we ever lose!

Delete the word “lose” from your vocabulary and thoughts, it does not serve you in any way and gives you the wrong impression of yourself. What we tell ourselves every day is very powerful to what happens in our daily life. (your thoughts become things! That’s a very powerful FACT)

Use your mistakes as a tool to get better, get stronger, get wiser. This will create a better you, a better year than last.

Most leaders have grown to the level they are at because they made thousands of mistakes in the beginning, then learned to get better from them over the years.

Check out my video below, for more info on this!

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Keep Being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring.

Janelle Emma xx

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