Leadership Traits of a Successful Network Marketer

One of the most important things you and your team can do for your business is to attend events!

Over the weekend myself and my team from all around Australia headed to a leadership event that blew our mind and honestly created a “shift” for some of my team members due to the “ah ha” moments they received from the whole event.

One of the things that stuck out the most for me was the theme running throughout the whole event. Even though all of the elites or high-end speakers came from all walks of life and completely different background/professions, it truly did show us that everything we are learning is not only business skills, but life skills for our future. So powerful!!

In this video I discuss some of the traits that were talked about among the speakers for what is expected from us in regards to becoming a truly successful, long-term leader.



Don’t pursue people, ATTRACT them “Success is something you attract” so if you’re trying to “peruse” people, a lot of the time they will resist you because you seem desperate or pushy. Instead look at your posture and how you can grow that posture to make people see you as someone of influence that they want to listen to.

Interview & Qualify People

In network marketing we don’t ever want to be that sleazy sales person (like the car salesman) no one likes that! We want to protect the integrity of this profession and show people how amazing this industry is, so learn to “qualify” people just like you would if you were interviewing them for a job! Ask open-ended questions and ask qualifying questions like: “would you be open to taking a look at an opportunity if it didn’t interfere with your current job”?

By doing this, you will start to see if the “timing” is right for that person to be open to looking at your product, service or business. When the timing is right, that is when you will find that it’s a very natural process to show them what you have to offer.

Homework: Write down 3 traits that you feel your ideal person would have. Once you have done that, you will then realise they are the same traits you must have in you, or start becoming yourself.

Have An Ownership Mindset

Own your actions, make sure you are personally developing yourself on a daily basis and believe in yourself enough that your confidence for what you have and your posture are sky-high. None of this will happen if you don’t do small things daily to grow YOU as a person. This is where reading, podcasts, audio’s, webinars, trainings etc from personal development coaches and mentors will help you to build your skills, belief and posture.

Be Ultimately Responsible For Your Own Business

This is your business, you decided that you were going to do this for yourself, so take ownership of that. Just because you didn’t outlay an enormous amount of money to start your business, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be stepping up and leading your business and team like other leaders do. Eric worre always says to ditch your up-line, don’t rely on them for anything because the more you rely on them, the less you implement yourself.

You want to be looked at as one of the leaders who does present the opportunity, who does do training calls, who is up their on stage, who others look to for guidance.

Be Coachable & Pick Mentors That Resonate With You:

Watch what other leaders and mentors around you are doing. If you really resonate with certain leaders, certain mentors in this profession (either in your company or not) find traits of theirs that you love & admire and mimic that in your own way. This is what helps you to build that strong mindset to grow your skills and confidence to become the better leader.

Focused Activity Daily:

I’ve spoken about this one many times. Your daily money-making activities are what you should put time into first and foremost above anything else you do in your business. These are prospecting, inviting, follow-up, presenting, closing etc. Do these consistently every day and watch your business grow.

Learn To Prepare & Present Quickly:

This comes back to ditching your up-line and learning how to do it yourself. If a part of what you do for your business is to present some sort of power point, resource or tool, get yourself comfortable and experienced to do that so you are ready with full posture and confidence whenever an opportunity arises to share what you have. Not only that, but you will also find that your team watch and duplicate this which in turn will create strong leaders faster.


“The person who creates leaders the fastest, will have the most success” 


Leadership Is something I very much enjoy personally and at this weekend leadership event I had the pleasure of presenting some of what I know to a crowd of over 130 people! That might not be a big deal for some people, but it was for me. 2 years ago there’s no way I would have seen myself even thinking about getting up on stage….I was petrified of that thought….but doing it not only showed me how much personal growth I’ve had over the last few years, but it also showed my team what’s possible for them. 

The network marketing profession really is an incredible profession with endless possibility for anyone and everyone…….(if they want it)……what this industry provides truly is an opportunity to step into your highest self and provide your family with amazing possibilities that most people don’t even dream of. My hope is that you see how amazing it is, just like I do.

Was this of value to you? If so, why not drop me some feedback below, I’d appreciate that. 

Keep Creating Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass Results My Friend

Janelle Emma xx



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