How To Know If Your Business Is On The Right Track

Question? Why is it that two people can be given the same instructions or plan for their business, both go and apply it and only 1 is successful??? It’s because the un-successful one has subconsciously talked themselves out of success. Lack of belief and patience in our selves, will destruct us right from the start. 

Jim Rohn always said, “work on yourself more than you work on your business and you will be unusually successful” Hey was a great educator in making us all understand the power of our own thoughts.

I want to have you ask yourself this question. “are you making your life hard by trying to always seek “better”, seek the “easy” option”? or, are you making the most of what you already have and working on yourself to better your skills at that? A lot of people think that by jumping from company to company, or strategy to strategy etc will help them get better, quicker results. The saying goes that “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side” and I feel that definitely applies to the Home Business Industry. Why not just have more patience in what your already doing, and have a hard look at why it may not be working.

It could be that your either doing something wrong, and that’s why it’s not working. Or, simply that you don’t know something that others do about this business and that could very well be why you aren’t growing and they are.

Growth comes from massive resistance; We don’t walk into a gym and expect that the weights are going to be light and easy to lift. We walk in there knowing that we are in for a proper work out. That the wights will be heavy and that by lifting them will help build our muscles. Why not use that same term in our business? It’s the same concept. Don’t make your decisions coming from a place of fear and scarcity. Fear is what holds us back the most, and fear of being wrong, or letting our self and others down, can really stop us in our tracks. If we can face our fears head on, that’s when we see the growth really happen and magic unfolds. Get uncomfortable, our biggest growth happens when we are scared and un-comfy.

We can learn so much from  our mistakes, so why give up? Wouldn’t it be better to keep trying, learning and making mistakes, than to actually quit? Doing it wrong has to be better than not doing it at all! We can only get better and more knowledgeable as we move forward in this journey, so embrace making mistakes and learn from them every step of the way.

I have three questions I want you to ask yourself, to see if you feel your on the right track or not in your business, and if its worth you moving forward. These three questions are in the video below, check it out.

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Janelle Emma xx

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