How to keep momentum over the Xmas break if you’re in the “Home Biz” Industry!

I’ve been away for a fortnight and know first hand how hard it is to keep momentum going in your business while your on holidays relaxing and having fun. 

We don’t have to lose momentum if we don’t want to though, and can easily keep ourselves active by applying strategies that we put in place to keep our business on track. 

  • Scheduling posts can really help you to stay active online. Think about doing bulk videos, or getting content together that can be used multiple ways and schedule that to be posted to your social media and email lists while also enjoying the Xmas break and spending time with family and friends.
  • Hootsuite and Post Planner are two of the scheduling platforms that I know of that are quick and easy to put your content into. 
  • If your someone who does videos, try to do back to back videos in one day and have the scheduled out on different days. Wear a different shirt, or new hat, or different backdrop to make it more appealing.
  • Don’t stop prospecting!! Xmas holidays are great times to mingle and chat with you new people and make new friends, so get out there and have fun, you never know where those new friendships could lead.
  • Get yourself a new 2017 planner or diary and start putting in follow-up calls and contacts, so once the silly season is over you can get right back into the nitty-gritty part of running your business.

I hope you got value from this! Why not share how you stay active over the Xmas break!

Janelle Emma xx

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