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Is you Facebook profile appealing to others? If you’re in business of any kind and use social media as a tool to market or advertise for your business, it seems that the more appealing your profile pages are the more traffic and audience you will attract. (that may seem like a no brain-er but let’s go through some of the key points that you may be missing to attract the type of people you are after!!

Profile Page

  • Make sure your Profile picture is semi professional and a photo of you, not your animals or kids etc.
  • Have a good, catchy “about” section….Have you checked yours lately to see if it is still suitable to your lifestyle now? Most people who add you as a friend or check out your page will always go to your “about” section first, so make it something that’s authentic to you and makes them want to be apart of your page.
  • Always have some sort of contact information in there. There’s no point trying to attract people to your page if you then have no way for them to reach out to you personally. (an email address or phone number is perfectly fine.
  • Never pitch!! It’s nice to have a business “page” attached to your main Facebook page, but don’t then use either of them to try to constantly pitch what it is you want to promote or sell, Facebook doesn’t like it and neither does your audience.
  • Your personal profile page has to be connected to your “fan” page or “business” page (if you want or use one that is)……Don’t try to have two separate Facebook accounts, it’s very time-consuming and isn’t necessary.
  • Have good photos throughout your feed, don’t go posting photos of you partying all the time etc, post things that make people see you as really fun and interesting. (photos of holidays, fun with the kids, events you attend, higher class people you meet).
  • Have photos of you with your business partners, team or co-workers (it shows you enjoy your profession and the people involved in it).
  • Always put photos up of you and not just quotes or something you’ve shared from someone else’s page. (people love seeing you for you, and then feel they have that connection with you by seeing your lifestyle you live).


Ideas for what to post and not post

  • Don’t be spammy, posting things all the time will only fill up other people’s feeds and make them annoyed.
  • Don’t tag people who aren’t in photos or things you post, unless its related to them.
  • Don’t pitch without providing value or telling them what it’s about first.
  • Don’t post just images you find, its boring and unattractive. (quotes are good, but not just a picture)
  • Always post lifestyle photos (places you go where you live, the beach, anything fun and relate-able).
  • Negative posts are a no-no. (never post anything political or religious)
  • Don’t post or play games on your profile page.
  • Don’t ever bash other companies. (you don’t want to look like the bad guy to anyone, respect other companies that are similar to you, your all in this for the same reason so respect that).
  • You have to post value!! (you don’t need to create the content yourself, but sharing and posting about things you’ve learned in your industry or profession will make you seem like the higher person to others who follow you in the same profession as you.
  • Create posts that make people interact with the post; Posts that make people want to comment or like it.


– In your “intro” on your page, have something that stands out!! What do you help people with? whats your purpose?

Think about the people you want to attract (young, biz savvy, open-minded, health conscious?) Then think of; what do those people do, what do they like, whats their pain.Use that to help you come up with something.



  • Professional photo/semi professional.
  • Make sure your smiling.
  • What colour represents you most? Keep that colour constant throughout ALL social media avenues.
  • Get some action shots taken.
  • Take pictures with high-caliber people!! (This is a big one).
  • For your personal page, have a nice landscape photo as your banner or lifestyle photo.
  • For your fan page or business page, have professional photos with your colour scheme, and think about creating a logo, also have a tagline.



* I’m finding from what I’m learning, is that the more you have ways and words on your pages, that add value to people’s lives and make you seem fun and exciting, the more people will follow you!! Why not tell people who you help, what you do for them, share stories of things you’ve experienced and been apart of. Be honest, Be authentic, and just be you.There’s going to be people out there who love you just for that and not for the hype or the fluff that you try to portray across your pages.


If this has provided value for you, like it did for me, id love to hear about it!! Comment in the comments box below.


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