How To Invite People To Your Home Meetings

When looking at inviting people to home meetings, in order for them to look at your business, products or opportunity, there are two types categories you need to put people into. This all depends on if they are warm market, or cold market.

If its warm market, and you know someone quite well, the way in which you would invite them to look at what you have, should be no different to the way you would invite them over for a dinner, or celebration. If you start being awkward or trying to pitch something to them, they will obviously see right through it and no doubt wont even show up because of the way they have been approached about it. If you are more sincere and genuine in the way you ask them, they will of course want to show up for support, and purely because that’s what friends do.

If it’s cold market, approaching the invite in a totally different matter is needed. Teaching people (who you don’t know) about the BENEFITS of what you have, will be far more effective in having your cold market be open-minded in taking a look. What are the benefits that your products offer? What are the benefits of your business opportunity? What can it do for them?

Have a think about the way you will invite them. If it’s a flyer that you send out or advertise, don’t go and plaster the company/product names all over the flyer! WHY? Because as soon as they read that flyer and know the company or product names, they will of course go to trusty google and look up those names and then make a decision on it all before even attending the home meeting. The same goes if it was an invite over the phone or face to face, remember to always create that curiosity and give benefits or even testimonials around what you have to offer. 

For example: If your selling skin care, why not say what the benefits are of what that skin care can do for the individual ie; Smoother skin, less fine lines, even skin tone etc. Or, if it was vitamins/supplements, the benefits may be; Better sleep, more energy, clarity in the mind etc. If it’s for a business opportunity, talk about the different ways they can make money, or how they can make their money back quickly once they sign up etc. By doing this you will make yourself more effective and people will be more open to listening. 

Remember that our job is always to provide a way of how our business, products etc can make someone feel/look/provide for them. It’s all about the customer/prospect, not us!  

The video below explains this more.

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