Identify and Build Leaders

When we are looking at how to identify and build leaders there are some key points you can use to help you in the process, which I will go through with you below.

Before we get into that, I thought I’d give you a little task to do: 

I want you to think about the 5 characteristics you feel a good leader should have! Think about those characteristics and write them down. Once you have done that, understand that these 5 characteristics are also the leader YOU need to become…..I love that I was given this task myself at a recent event and how it opened my eyes up to understanding what type of leader I’m looking for and also what time of leader I need to be and become over time.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”!!

1: Keep Sifting while you’re lifting.
Don’t stop personally recruiting or taking a step back once you see some movement happening in the team. 

Your team will do what they see you do, not what you tell them. so make sure they are still seeing you take daily action and you will find that is what duplicates among the team.

2: If you’re a leader in your team, give your people a home work strategy.
Doing this will help you identify other leaders because they will be the ones that actually do the homework.

Make your team accountable and ask what their goals and desires are. Even create a Facebook group that goes along side a task, incentive or competition you give the team and that way its much easier to track who are the ones taking action and it helps to keep the team accountable.

3: Think about times when your team may get embarrassed, stressed or uncomfortable.

Identify and find the ones in the team who are willing to go into that uncomfortable zone. Those are the ones you want to make sure you put extra time into and help them reach their goals.

4: Celebrate wins.
The celebration of every step is SO important. 

Make sure to recognise your teams movements, actions and achievements. No matter how big or small. You could simply congratulate them privately in a voice message, phone call or video. Or, you could give them recognition on team calls or training’s that the team has.

5: Leaders can only go so far on their own.
Make sure your leaders know they can reach out to you at any time.

The key is to help them build their business, don’t try to build it for them. We want to be there to support and mentor our team but we aren’t there to go into “management mode” and try to TELL them how to do it.

We also don’t want to be doing too much for the team when it comes to certain tasks and daily actions. Make sure the leaders among the team know they need to learn to be self-sufficient and that they should only need you to GUIDE them with what to do for each stage in the business.

6: Look for the ones who have strong leadership ability and who enjoy coaching others.

Then, make sure you are also being someone who has those same traits and posture as well. You aren’t going to attract strong independent leaders if you aren’t one yourself.

When you’re looking at yourself as a leader, don’t focus on whats not working in the team, catch the leaders who are doing things correctly and recognise them for that. People love recognition and will always strive to work harder when they know they are appreciated for what they are doing already.



I want you to ask yourself……..”Am I a leader that others see they can learn from and duplicate my actions for success”!! 

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If this was of value to you, I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Keep being Consistent, Persistent and Authentic

Janelle Emma xx



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