This exercise is purely just to get you to realise all the things you can TRULY be grateful for in life and how that can then be put into switching your mindset into believing that you can manifest and attract things to you because of the power of your thoughts…..They say thoughts become things and that’s why we should all be thinking positive as much as we can, because what we think is what we attract!!!!


Exercise number 1: As quickly as possible, write down 100 things you are grateful for. This can be hard because of the way we’ve conditioned ourselves to think of the negative first. But staying in a place of gratitude helps you to have more things that you want, actually show up and happen!! TRUE

There’s so many amazing and simple things to be grateful for:

  • The Weather
  • The clean drinking water
  • Our favourite TV
  • Healthy family
  • A roof over our head
  • The clothes on our back


exercise number 2: Go find 100 things that are really cool that you would love to have, or 100 things you’ve thought about really wanting in your life but have always said to yourself “whats the point, i cant afford it”. Why not go on google and get a bunch of pics, or get a bunch of magazines and cut out things you would really love to have in your life and not only write them down, but even create a vision board or vision book out of them; It could be as simple as a favourite pair of shoes you’ve always wanted, or that amazing car you see in the car yard each day when driving to work. Or why not go on  and find the dream home your after and print it out and manifest that into your mind….say to yourself each time that you look at the list of 100 things or the vision board “I can afford that” or “I will get that”. Honestly, if you can teach yourself to do this with feeling and passion behind those words, and get excited while looking at the picture,then that creates a visual in your subconscious mind and that’s where the magic happens.

Check out the video for more insight.


I’m happy for you to share your gratitude or vision board with me if you like, they are so fun to do to help us dream again.


Janelle Emma xx

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