This “Golden Nugget” will work Online or Offline

We have to remember when prospecting that it’s never about us, and there are certain ways to approach people who we think would be great for our business without causing resistance while doing so.

Saying to someone “you would be great at what I do”, or “you should see what I do, you’ll love it” is not going to strike their interest or make them feel you have there best interests at heart. Yes, it might grab their ego for a second, but you haven’t found out anything about them, you haven’t been a listening ear and you haven’t found a pain or struggle with them yet.

If you seem to come across someone who has great vibe, really positive attitude, very friendly and you know you would love to approach them to see if they would be open to looking at your business or opportunity, there is a specific question (nugget) you can ask that will open the conversation up, and have them be more inclined to strike a conversation with you, if you ask this question!!


By asking these questions and complimenting them as well, it is far more open-ended and no doubt they will enjoy telling you a bit about themselves.

A good script for this (in a restaurant environment) could be: “Hey, thank you for your service today, you’re really good at your job, I love your vibe, Whats your long-term plan? Usually if they are in a restaurant or even something like a retail store, that specific job isn’t usually a long-term goal or plan for them. So, this type of question could really pull their heart-strings. This could also open the door to letting you ask many more questions about their lifestyle or hobbies and really finding out what it is they like and dislike in their life.

Questions like this will help them see that you are being interested in them just like a friend would be, and that’s what opens the conversation up a lot more. BE INTERESTED NOT INTERESTING. If people can see you are a genuine listener, they will love chatting to you about their life story and problems.

If the prospect starts telling you that they have bigger dreams and goals, and that their job right now is just to get money coming in, that’s when you can potentially go into your business opportunity and make a point of setting up an appointment with them at a more convenient time.

Ask what their goal is to get to that long-term plan, say to them “would you be open to looking at a way that could get you that goal faster if I showed you another stream of income that could get you there faster”?

Just remember, we are in a relationship business and we know that network marketing can be that plan or that gift for them to reach their future goals. We just have to go out and show them, and help them see how it will benefit them.

Find out what they want, find out their future dreams and goals. You may surprise yourself with how much they open up to you.

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