How To Get More Engagement And Exposure When Posting On Social Media

The key to building a successful home business or network marketing business online while using social media is by creating curiosity and not resistance. We don’t want to be turning people away from us or making them frustrated with us, by always trying to “sell” on social media.

Social media is most definitely not a place for selling, it’s a place for CREATING CURIOSITY only!!! The reason for that. is to help us stay engaged and interesting to our followers or onlookers. That way, they will be more inclined to reach out to us, to ask questions, and to possibly be interested in our products, service or opportunity down the track.

Share stories that people can identify and relate to, make them feel that what you’re saying in directed exactly at them.

Posting pictures with your written posts on social media, attracts the eye and makes people more inclined to read the full post and not just scroll past it in their news feed. These sort of posts can be things like,  lifestyle pics that are related in some way to your business, or that seem interesting to the followers. We are all selling a better lifestyle, that’s what network marketing and home business is all about (a better lifestyle), so show that in your posts.

Testimonials are also very attractive to onlookers. People love to hear stories and how different products could help their own lifestyle or health in some way. Facts tell, stories sell! Very powerful.

Never leave a link to a company replicated website or a link for them to go buy from you, this isn’t the professional way to handle potential customers and business partners.

Instead, leave a link to some type of capture form/page that’s providing value for them, and makes them more inclined to keep following you and being interested in what you are all about. If you don’t have capture forms set up yet, have some type of “call to action” for them to reach out to you in a private message.

One important thing to remember is. If you’re posting links in news feeds or posts, the Facebook Algorithm detects that, and wont give your posts as much reach to your friends and groups. We want our posts to reach far and wide and to all of our contacts. That wont happen if links are posted!!

In the video below, I speak about five different ways you can create curiosity and attract people to you. Check the video out for those five key ways, that if done properly, will always grab attention.

I also share a quick and easy post example you can do which is related to telling your own testimonial to create curiosity: This is just to give you an idea of how it can work for you.

The example used in the video is:

1: Create a captivating first sentence (Example could be):  “Wow!!, I can’t believe I slept so well last night….first time in XYZ months”.

2: Share a before and after story: So once you’ve mentioned that your sleep is better and have caught onlookers attention. Then go into your lifestyle of health problems that occurred BEFORE starting on the product, and then start telling the benefits of how this product has now made your sleep better, which has also increased your energy. REMEMBER: Don’t mention company or product name!

3: Add a takeaway message (similar to this): “now, I don’t know if you are someone struggling with sleep, or wanting better energy but…….

4: Then have your “call to action”: (Which could be): “If this interests you, or resonates with you in some way, shoot me a private message and I can explain to you in-depth how this product/business has helped my health immensely!

This is when you want to take the conversation offline if possible. Yes, it’s great to make first contact through Facebook messenger or text, but once they are asking for more information, ask them if they are comfortable in having a phone call or Zoom conference meeting etc with you. This is much more professional, and will also allow you both to get to know each other more personally.

Remember…..No company links or replicated websites are to be shared on social media!!

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Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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