How to “follow-up” with the prospect’s who say they are INTERESTED, but never actually COMMIT

Don’t we all get frustrated with the “maybe’s” when speaking to prospects.

I honestly think that the “maybe’s” are harder to take than a straight NO!! At least with a No answer, you know that you can quickly move on and start looking for other people who may need what you have to offer. But with the “maybe” answer, we somehow think that it means they are closer to a “yes”, than a “no”, so we end up hanging on to their coat tails and following up numerous times, thinking that its going to have a positive outcome each time.

One thing we all need to remember is, we need to respect our own time. We have a business of our own to run, and we need to be using our precious time we have wisely, take control back, don’t keep following up with someone who says they are interested, but never actually commit to do the sign up.

If you’ve followed up with a prospect for at least 3-4 times and each time they are saying that it all sounds great or that they are interested, yet you never get the go ahead to sign them up AT ALL, have a think about what angle you want to take next.

Sometimes, its much easier to make the decision for them so you can both stop wasting each others time.

A good way to do the final follow-up, is to say something like “Hey, I’ve been following up with you for a little bit now and it sounds to me like this may just not be a fit for you, it’s just not your time”. “I have a lot of people I am talking to and I really have to pay attention to my valuable time, so I’m just going to help you with your decision and say for now, that this isn’t a fit for you”!

You could then say “No hard feelings or friendship lost, if you ever change your mind or want to learn about new upcoming things with the company, you know I’m here to chat”!

Guess what happens when you take this approach?

1: They agree with you and you save yourself time and can take them out of your mind and off your follow-up list.

2: They get complete “fear of missing out” FOMO, and don’t want to be marked off your list and instead say that they want to ask you a few more questions about it all.

As humans, a lot of us hate that fear of missing out, and because you’ve told them that you have other people to follow-up with, they soon feel like that they may be going to miss out on an opportunity that others are taking on board. very powerful.

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