Facing Fears


Why not make a conscious decision to overcome you fear! Identify the fear; See if there’s any truth to it. There’s always an underlying belief to cause it. If you feel the fear coming on, know that it means your changing something to move forward. Have a think about what belief’s enable you and what stop you. Find mentors and coaches who will push you.

F-E-A-R = False Evidence Appearing Real

Choose to make friends with fear. The three biggest fears people have are Public Speaking, Being Vulnerable and Judgement (I know judgement is a big deal for so many people, we shouldn’t let that stop us)!!

We need to learn to love fear because it’s never going away. Don’t just think you have to overcome it once or twice, because the more you grow as a person, the more your going to want to push yourself further and face new fears head on to reach those next goals.

Have a think about this!!! ……If you feel you want to share what you know with anyone and everyone you love and care about, it means your meant to be doing whatever that is you’re doing!!!!  

Check out the video to learn more about facing you fears.

Keep on going, keep moving forward and keep pushing those boundaries, the results could be so exciting you will absolutely be grateful you did it.

Much love

Janelle Emma xx

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