Is your Facebook attractive to people you meet?

So I worked out the other day that I really need to clean up my Facebook and have certain things more private now that im getting more of a following on Facebook!! I have a lot of photos and content I didn’t want everyone to be able to see because it’s mainly for my family and friends who don’t live near me. I love that we can personalise who sees our photos and content, so make sure if you only want certain things seen by certain people, to go and clean up your Facebook profile to how it would better suit your audience. 

Put yourself in your audiences shoes and make sure that what they are seeing is appealing and exciting and fun. IE: what’s your profile pic look like? What is on your news feed (positive or negative)? What kind of person are you portraying online? Make sure that matches who you truly are offline. 

The video below goes more in-depth into why I think all of this is an important factor in building your friendships and networks. you can learn more about how to set your Facebook up properly by clicking HERE



If you’re getting value from this 30 day Facebook Live challenge I’m doing, why not comment below and share your thoughts!!

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