Are You Using Facebook Messenger For Prospecting?

Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming the most effective way we can leverage ourselves and create simple duplication for prospecting and following up within our network marketing business. I learned some great tips for using Facebook messenger from a Facebook Live that Tanya Aliza did the other day. These were amazing tips that we can all be using and implementing into our business asap. (If you don’t know who Tanya Aliza is, you can find out more about her at her website, she is an incredible network marketing leader and one I look up to for many of my own online marketing tips and strategies. Check her out!



 In the past, email was the “go to” way of getting our prospects and contacts to reach out to us, but these days it’s lacking in effectiveness due to the fact we can’t really see who we are talking to via email. Also with email, it’s very easy for our emails to be missed among the many other emails our prospects inboxes are no doubt flooded with on a daily basis. It can be really hard to work out if the emails we are getting are spam, or ones to be opened.  

The best part about Facebook and Facebook messenger is that our prospects can get to know us quickly by snooping our profiles and learning how they can trust us an a credible leader, but also, we can snoop on them and work out quickly if we feel they are a legitimate or like-minded candidate to pursue a conversation with.

Facebook Messenger is immediate and if we are making sure we always respond quickly to the messages we are getting in our messenger inbox, we can soon see how its a quicker way of responding to prospects needs, providing tools and resources they are after and giving “high touch” value to them quickly to sift and sort our way through our prospecting lists.

Messenger is great at keeping your past messages saved and archived, so this again is a great way to keep track of who we have spoken to, and the days/times we have last made contact.

The best way to provide “high touch” value to our prospects through messenger, is to stand out from the crowd: Use the voice and video options to talk to your prospects. This not only helps them feel more connected to you, but they can quickly hear the sincerity in your voice and build quick rapport through your conversations.

Making sure you have the messenger app downloaded on your phone will mean that you always have messenger ready and open at an easy glance. Theres nothing worse than sending someone a message and having to wait hours on end for a response. Doing so will quickly lose your credibility and your prospects excitement to want to do business with you. I know with email this can happen a lot. Most people only check email once or twice a day, so in that case, it can be hours before you see responses from prospects and they receive replies from you which can be very lengthy, time-consuming and frustrating for both parties.

Also look at having the messenger chat link open on your desktop or laptop. Save it into your bookmarks and favourites so if your working in front of the computer, you can have the messenger link open all the time to keep on top of prospecting and following up easily with your prospects.

Be very vigilant on checking messenger consistently throughout the day. Facebook will filter your messages in to an “other inbox”, “message requests” or “filtered messages” section if you and the prospect aren’t already “Facebook friends”, so make sure to not only regularly check messenger, but make sure to check your messenger requests and filtered folders within messenger so you don’t miss important prospects who have reached out to you.

The most common way that this happens is if you have done a post or video that ended with a “Call To Action”. a lot of the time at the end of our posts/videos we will use a “Call To Action” to help our followers/viewers take the next step with us. So if we are using the “CTA” to have our prospects “reach out to us via messenger for more info” this is where you can find that your prospects messages are going into your filtered messenger folders if the prospect isn’t already a “Facebook friend”.

If you aren’t aware of the filtered folders in messenger: You can find them by going to the menu bar at the bottom of your messenger app and clicking on the “people” tab, from there you will be able to find your “message requests” and “filtered messages“. I have seen many times when business partners and even prospects have had no idea about the filtered messenger folders and end up realising that there are a tonne of unread messages in there with many missed prospects messages that they haven’t seen. Don’t let that happen!

I remember from Tanya Aliza’s video that she mentioned she did a poll about getting people on the phone v’s texting them through messenger and she said nearly every persons responses were that they would prefer to be text a quick message that they could answer in a few minutes v’s a 20-30 min phone call…..Crazy right! But true!

This is due to the fast paced world we live in these days where no one has time for getting on the phone for long conversations.

Best take away tip I learned from Tanya Aliza’s Facebook messenger training was that……now, instead of telling your prospects to get on a call with you or emailing each other, we can now share with them our personal Facebook messenger link which takes the prospect directly to your messenger inbox to send you a message!! How cool is that! The link you can share with your prospects is[insert Facebook user name] ……So for me as an example it would look like this:           pretty amazing right! This can be used for your Facebook personal profile, or, for your Facebook business page. I would personally prefer to give out my Facebook business page messenger link (as I’ve shown here) due to it coming across more professional when the prospect is then directed to my business page messenger service. 

Remember that we want to make sure we are standing out from the crowd, building rapport professionally and being as personalised as we can with our prospects. This comes back to being as “high Touch” as you can. Even going above and beyond the norm and sending your prospects a birthday card, a congrats gift, a xmas card or samples of products will really make your prospects respect you and know you are someone they will always have at the front of their mind.

Did you get value from this today? I appreciate any feedback and would love your thoughts below if this was helpful to you and your team.

Keep creating Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend.

Janelle Emma xx




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