Encourage your fence sitters and prospects to join faster with this super powerful closing!

If you’re getting a lot of prospects sitting on the fence or saying the ol’ “I’ll think about it” scenario or “This looks interesting, I’ll get back to you”……..and If they are still saying this after you have asked the correct closing questions:

  • “What did you like best about it”?
  • “Do you see an opportunity for yourself”
  • They give you the “yes” but are still on the fence! 

The best thing you can do is share a story with them. Always remember that Facts tell but stories SELL!! Super Important.

Make sure its a story that’s in some way relatable to them, may resonate with them in some way, and get them to put themselves in the same situation that they are in at the moment.

So if they came into the business and joined up with a story that’s along the lines of:

  • I waited 2 weeks to join
  • I wanted to go and do all my own research first
  • I wanted to run it by a few people etc

You can see that this type of story is weak and showing an unsure mindset.

But if they came in with all guns blazing, ready to sign, wanted to know extra information ASAP and have the mindset of: “This really is a small investment of xyz dollars for something that could potentially be a huge long-term opportunity….so why not. Lets get started!

You can see how that scenario is a much stronger beginning which creates a super power house story for their own prospects and how those prospects will come into the business.

You can show your prospect how by having that strong, exciting, power house “getting started” story, really will be a great asset to them if and when they have fence sitters of their own who see the opportunity but are still hesitant.

Another really great phrase to use when resolving concerns is using the Feel, Felt, Found scenario. Which could play out like this example:

“yeah I can really relate to you, I know how you feel, I thought I wanted to wait and think about it too, but what I found was”….”why go and do my own research when I could be getting mentored on starting off in the right way to not lead myself into confusion”.

Tell your prospect that you want to equip them with a powerful story, so they can share that to create a powerful vision for their own prospects.

Be bold with your prospects. We don’t want to be pushy of course, but we don’t want to try to sugar coat things either. They need to see how their decision will duplicate in every way to their own prospects.

So give them these types of scenarios, show them the importance of a powerhouse story and it will change their thoughts on how they would want to bring other people into this business and set the right expectations for starting off in the right way.

Your prospects may have not ever thought about this, especially if they are new to network marketing themselves. Telling them stories can really open their mind up.

I hope this was of value to you. 

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring.

Janelle Emma xx

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