Ditch Frustration And Guilt Over The Holiday Season when it comes to momentum and production in your business!

I personally have had frustrating thoughts and the guilt’s, thinking that I HAVE to keep grinding and hustling as hard as I would every other month. But that’s not the case (sort of)!

We definitely don’t want to stop our most important activities in our business (our money-making activities), through the holiday times, but if you are a work-from-home-mum like myself, you do have to remember to put yourself and family first, right!



Why not use this time to:

  • Catch up on emails.
  • Set new year goals.
  • Do a business review.
  • Get yourself a Virtual Assistant to do some of the tasks that you want to keep doing, so you stay present and in the front of people’s minds.
  • Update your growing database and make sure you are keeping up with who you want to keep track of moving forward.
  • Follow up with customers, just to say hi.
  • Purchase yourself a nice journal and diary and start filling it out for the new year (this is my fav part!)


And of course, use this time just to make connections and expand your warm market.

Most of us are socialising a little more than usual during this time of year….Christmas gatherings, bbq’s, social community events etc are all happening, so make the effort to get out among your community and friends,  just to have fun & not feel you need to talk business. You never know who you could meet or where the conversation may go!

The psychology of telling yourself that your switching off and heading out for another social event (just to have fun) without business intentions, can be some of the best, most natural leads and contacts you gain.

Be interested in what people have to say. Use FORM (family, occupation, recreation, message) when meeting new people, that will really help you to get to know new connections more and will also make them see you are genuinely interested in what they have to say.

I have also found this month, that doing some extra meditation, visualisation and self talk around letting go of the guilt of stepping back a little, has dramatically eased my frustration and stress that we can all get at this time of year.

We aren’t Wonder Woman, (although I’d like to be her some days). Don’t put SO much pressure on yourself to have to be doing it ALL right now.

If you’re looking at ways to keep your team having fun and in-the-game, why not come up with some fun and social product incentives or team giveaways that your existing customers and even prospects can participate in. This not only keeps everyone inspired and taking action, but it’s such a good feeling to just give back as a little thanks to the customers who have been using your products or apart of your business along the way.

This sure is a pretty special time of year! Enjoy it…..enjoy every moment, be present with your family and friends, have compassion and respect for your precious time. Give yourself time to re-set, reflect and recharge!! Ditch Frustration And Guilt Over The Holiday Season. Your future self with thank you for it.

Create Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend.

Merry Xmas

Janelle Emma xx


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