How To Deal With Negative Prospects

We have to make sure that when we are dealing with negative people that we deal with them in the correct way, so that we don’t give ourselves and our industry a bad name. There is already a stigma around network marketing and home business industries, and we don’t want to give people more ammo in thinking that the negatives they’ve heard before are true and correct.

Be conscious of how you approach a negative person, how you react to their responses and remember to always have huge confidence and posture in yourself, because a lot of the time, you are the one who knows more about the industry as a whole than they do, so make sure you stand up to that.

There could be many reasons as to why we get negative prospects. Typically its a mindset thing for THEM and so they need to do a shift.

One way we can help them, is by helping them understand why they are negative towards you in the first place. Is it simply that they are just negative about the industry as a whole and have maybe had a bad experience with the industry? or, they don’t have enough knowledge about the industry to truly understand the benefits of what we are offering! Or, they could just be a grumpy, negative person in general haha.

Sometimes, it can also be us as the network marketer that can cause the negative reaction and sometimes that has to do with our approach. Is it the way in which we approach them? have we come across to sales- y or pitch-y?

Have a think to yourself! “was there anything I said or did that has caused the prospects negative reaction”? “Did I have my prospects best interests at heart when I approached them”?

If you have had your prospects best interest at heart, usually you wont get a bad negative response from them.

The next thing to think about, is to not give them a reaction back that’s negative. All you will do, is feed their negative thoughts even more, and they may even be fishing for you to give the negative response, just so they can add more fuel to the fire and prove themselves right in what they think about network marketing anyway. Why not instead, ask them questions, find out why they are negative about the industry, ask if they have been in the industry before and had a bad experience.

Be the bigger person always and be professional, KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS!! This approach will make them think and realize their negativity was rude and unjustifiable and no doubt will make them feel bad if they have a heart.

If you feel their negativity is coming from a place of lack of knowledge for the industry, then why not love on them from time to time. Take them to networking meetings with you, or keep sharing info about new information or products your company has offered. You just never know down the track where your kindness and information could lead.

For some people its TIMING, and that plays a big role in why they aren’t ready to look at your business or opportunity, so by just loving on them overtime, and giving them small pieces of value here and there when you feel the time is right, then one day you never know, they may buy from you or become a business partner of yours!!! This is why I believe we shouldn’t rule anyone out. We shouldn’t blow them off straight away if they have said something negative or a “no thanks” response, make sure you always leave that door open, circumstances can change, people can change, and that can always lead them to bigger and better things.

People may also secretly watch you as time goes on. You may not know that what you’re doing is inspiring others for months or years on end. They may have purely wanted to watch and see if you were going to create success and see what type of business could really be a possibility for them.

In the video below, I share the strategy I use (The 3 F’s) that can help people feel more comfortable in the negativity they feel towards the network marketing industry. Check it out!

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