Personality Types

Ask yourself, have you ever wondered why you seem to hit it off right away with some people, by why others, it’s really hard work & more like oil to water?

The answer may actually lie in the field of psychology that tells us that we are born into one of four primary personality or temperament styles.

Our personality and temperament style not only determines our behavioural traits, body language, patterns and style. But it also influences our compatibility with other people.

A person’s personality is determined genetically. It has nothing to do with his or her astrology sign, birth order or childhood experiences, race or gender.

The more you learn about people, the more you can understand how to approach them in business and in life.

This way of explaining personality traits in my video was created by Dani Johnson who is an amazing trainer and spirit driven success coach. She shows you how you can better understand yourself and how you can successfully communicate with other people more.

There are so many ways to label personality types but the amazing Dani sets it out using gems because, as she says “we are all very precious” (like precious gems). she uses;

  • Sapphire
  • Pearl
  • Emerald
  • Ruby

Check out the video to see what traits you may have and how you can better understand others by knowing and understanding why they are the way they are as well.



If this was of value to you, drop a comment below, I loved having fun with this one and doing the quiz myself!! If you want to do the personality quiz, here it is.


Janelle Emma xx

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