Who doesn’t love personal development and shifting their mindset right!……So my Day 3 video covered mindset because I love learning it and got some great nuggets from one of our elites in our company about mindset and personal development.

This amazing leader (Rachel) has done many different things in her life and has found her home and passion in Network Marketing. It wasn’t an easy journey for her in the first years but she began to realise the biggest thing that was holing her back was her mindset and personal belief. At our event on the weekend she really emphasised to us that it doesn’t matter what your doing or what your dreams and goals are, you have to have the right mindset and belief in yourself for those goals and dreams to happen and become reality!!

Here are some key points she gave in the meeting:

-In order to have more, you have to become more…..in order to become more you have to learn more!!…..

  • Reading is KEY. If we aren’t learning through reading, how can we grow? Look at some of the amazing leaders of the world ie: Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, etc etc, they are all big readers and are learning all the time. Find some personal development books you love and read them over and over.
  • Listen to audio books. (on personal development), its great to do this in the car, or while your cooking dinner or exercising with headphones.
  • Meditate or just sit quietly and switch off. This resets our brain and gets us back into a good head-space to tackle our next task or tackle the day ahead.
  • Gratitude Daily. Why not take 5 minutes to think about your day or life and what it is you are grateful for, even write a gratitude journal so you can look back over it as the years pass.
  • Have a Personal Growth Plan. Write up this personal growth plan maybe once a year, be specific, have every detail in there and write down hour by hour, what it is you would truly love to be doing with your days. (what do you want, why do you want it, are you willing to get it?)

Did you know that only 5% of the population lives intentionally? They know where they are going, they know who’s going with them and they have some idea of how they are going to get there. This comes from having life designing goals and plans in place. By being very specific and having a clear vision on your future, you can then set out to really put your focus into how your going to make that happen.



Another great tip was to have a Vision Board. it doesn’t matter if its a digital one or standard one, but why not get some photos and words and have a fun day of creating your own vision board. If your doing a digital one, a great app to use is “PicSlide” mobile app or (www.picmonkey.com) to get great pictures to use. Have reminders set so you are constantly having that vision board coming up on your phone each day. That is a great way to keep your vision and goals at the front of your mind and revisiting them to remind yourself why you need to push and motivate yourself every day.

We need to remind ourselves that; Everything we have is a culmination of everything we believe, think and do. So if we want to grow beyond what we have and are wishing for a better life or more things in life, then the only way we can do that is to grow personally!!

Most people are anxious and excited to change their circumstances, but they are unwilling to change themselves and therefore they remain bound and stuck.

If you want to move forward and have more success in life, you need to; 

  1. Elevate your beliefs
  2. Elevate your thinking
  3. Elevate your habits

An amazing quote that Rachel loves to live by, is one from the fabulous JIM ROHN who said; “Work harder on YOU than you do on your business and you’ll be unusually successful” …. such an amazing quote right!! and its so true. Have a think to yourself about what it is your going to do to develop yourself, what is your current plan? Growth doesn’t just happen. It has to be INTENTIONAL!!


lets get out there and dream big, the possibilities are endless!!


Janelle Emma xx


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